Best 3 Wheel Bikes for Adults

Discover the Top 10 Best Three Wheel Bikes for Seniors: A Comprehensive Guide

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If you’re looking to exercise but don’t want to punish your knees, then riding a 3-wheel bicycle can be a great way to stay fit.

As we age, keeping active becomes more and more important. Unfortunately, as we lose muscle mass and flexibility, many traditional exercises become increasingly difficult or even dangerous. Not to mention the frequent joint pain. That’s why a three wheel bike for seniors can be such a great investment – it allows older adults to get some exercise and stay healthy without putting themselves at risk.

In this post, we’ll take a look at three of the best three wheel bikes for seniors on the market today. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each model, so that you can decide which one is right for you.

When it comes to 3-wheel bikes, we choose models that are designed to meet the needs of both serious cyclists and casual riders. We focus on how easy it is to adjust the seat, handle bars, and pedals, as well as the ergonomic design of the bike. We test each model to determine how easy it is to ride as well as how much padding there is on the seat and handlebars for comfort.

Here are our top picks for the best 3 wheel bikes for adults to buy:

Our Recommended Top Ten For The Best 3 Wheel Bikes For Adults

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle, 24 or 26-Inch

Our favorite Adult Tricycles! Schwinn is a famous brand, and the Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle is among the most popular choices in the market nowadays. It is an ideal choice for the adult cyclist who wants to get the maximum benefit from each ride.

You can find the Meridian with a 24-inch or 26 inch wheel to choose from, depending upon your preference. The tricycle is available in 3 colors. Overall, high quality construction, and the aluminum framework is for great durability while being lightweight.

The Schwinn meridian adult trike comes with a collapsible bag, which is pretty handy for when you are carrying your shopping bag while out for a casual ride. It has a large comfortable seat, with a backrest. It also has a rack over its rear wheel, and a bottle holder, making it easy to ride it. This model has a 7 speed transmission, which makes it easier to ride on all terrains.

You will appreciate the long easy-to-reach handlebars as they provide an enjoyable ride. This model also has stylish fenders that will protect you from dirt and debris. The upright handlebar adjusts in height, and the single speed design allows for simple and minimal maintenance.

The Schwinn meridian adult trike is a high quality adult trike with a large variety of colors, and it’s a good way for people to get into exercise and stay active! For me, this is my favorite three wheeler to consider. It can usually be found at a nice price, so it’s definitely worth a closer look!

The only drawback to the Schwinn Meridian is the shipping box—it’s huge and takes up a lot of room in your garage or attic.


  • Large cargo capacity
  • Low price
  • Plenty of gearing options


  • No suspension for bumpy roads

Slsy Adult Tricycles 7 Speed, Adult Trikes

If you are not looking for a fixed-gear bicycle, this one is a solid choice in the market without breaking the bank. You can pick your favorite color from a large variety.

This tricycle is quite a common option for seniors on the marketplace, thanks to its attractive price. In fact, its cost alone will justify placing it here. You can easily adjust handlebars to fit people with different heights.

The slim adult tricycle 7-speed model features 23″ wheels that are ideal for older adults, but you can also choose 20″ ones if you feel too big for you. For such an inexpensive investment, you can get an excellent bicycle to stay active.

A high quality steel step-through frame frame is an excellent option for getting on and off, and this one is powder coated to avoid rusting. This bike has a seven-speed shifters for easy pedaling.

The low height allows for easy accessibility, a feature many will enjoy. Its rear fenders will protect you and your three-wheeler against dirt and grime, while its large-sized rear basket is great for carrying groceries and other items around town.


  • Fantastic for cruising around town or heading to work
  • Great selection of sizes and colors


  • Maintenance intensive

Happybuy Adult Tricycle

This Happybuy Adult Tricycle is the perfect vehicle for your weekend shopping jaunts, afternoon promenades or even a leisurely spin around the neighborhood.

Happybuy Tricycle is easy to assemble and get going, and it’s stylish and simple. The 7-speed, 24-inch bike has a comfortable padded seat, and it’s perfect for taking to a friend’s house or to the park. The 7-speed drivetrain allows the cyclist to pedal in a leisurely manner, with less strain and wasted motion.

It’s a fun, low-maintenance commuter bike, that’s perfect for cruising around the neighborhood with the whole family. Compared with other trikes we tested, which had a weight limit of 150 pounds, the Happybuy trike can carry up to 300 pounds.

This trike is also much sturdier than the average two-wheeler, especially for adults. The smooth-riding tires, wide and stable wheels, and wide handlebar ensure that you will stay safe while riding. The bike’s fast-working assembly process and manual also make it easy for anyone to assemble.

The bike does best with pavement or smooth ground, and it does not have suspension, so don’t expect to climb hills. Overall, this is a good bike for those people who don’t want the fuss of a 1-speed bike, or those looking for an inexpensive way to spend some time outdoors.


  • Easy to assemble – Ideal for an amateur rider
  • Good safety features
  • Comfortable riding position


  • The cargo basket is a bit too small

 Hangnuo Adult Tricycles 7 Speed

They’re great for seniors. The trikes are very comfortable for riding, and the shopping baskets are large enough to hold small groceries and books.

The Hangnuo Adult Tricycle is an awesome gift for seniors. The trike has an easy step-thru frame, which make it great for all ages. The 20-inch model has a seat height of 25″, while the 24-inch model has a seat height of 27″, and the 26-inch model has a seat height of 30″.

The 26-inch trikke is a better fit for someone who normally rides an upright bike, while the 24 inch trikkes are better suited to riders, who often prefer a lower seat height. 

This tricycle is much better than I anticipated. 

Overall, we felt the 24 inch adult tricycle provides the perfect combination of stability and ease of use. In fact, we found it so easy to ride, we gave it a perfect score in our riding comfort test (it gets bonus points for being the most stable tricycle we tested). Unfortunately, the 24 inch adult tricycle had the worst score in our stability test, showing the least amount of stability in our tests.

However, it was the only tricycle we reviewed that can carry up to 350 pounds, so it’s perfect for older folks and heavier adults.


  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Affordable – probably the cheapest tricycle for adults


  • Heavy; difficult to carry

KNUS Adult Tricycle Single Speed, Adult Trikes 24/26 inch

It’s surprisingly heavy for its size, it’s a little hard to pedal, but it certainly meets all of your needs if you’re looking for an affordable tricycle. 

KNUS Tricycle is a single-speed trike, which means it’s not as smooth as some of the other options we tested. However, it’s an affordable, attractive option that’s a good choice for running errands or trying out as a short-distance bike.

The tricycle’s stability can be a little shaky when loaded to maximum capacity, but it seems better with cargo, so this might not be an issue if you tend to carry a lot of weight. The seat is wider than some tricycles we tested and it’s positioned a little higher than some others.

It is well-made and easy to assemble. The 22″ rear basket offers plenty of space for your groceries, and the bike is equipped with a rear rack for other items. The one-speed design means you’ll be pedaling quite slowly, so it’s best suited for pavement or smooth gravel paths.

It’s surprisingly heavy for its size, it’s a little hard to pedal, but it certainly meets all of your needs if you’re looking for an affordable tricycle. 


  • Comfortable ride
  • Spacious basket


  • Heavy

Viribus 3 Wheel Bike for Adults with XL Rear Basket

The 24-inch and 26-inch wheel size options are great even for nimbler riders (and, more important, for hills), but either way, the Viribus 3 Wheel Bike is a terrific option for commuters.

The hybrid tread tires perform well on pavement, gravel, and dirt, and the short wheelbase makes it feel nimble. The Viribus 3 Wheel bike has an extra-wide, comfy seat, and long swept-back handlebars that make it easy for older people to get on and off while seated.

It’s perfect for seniors who need the extra stability a 3-wheel bike offers. And it’s without a doubt the most comfortable 3-wheel commuter bike we tested, with a padded wide seat and comfortable wraparound handlebars. The Viribus 3 Wheel Bike for Seniors is more of a “normal” bike than some of our other picks, and we found that it handled better around turns.

Its comfortable, extra-large, thick seat and swept back handlebars provide extra stability and a laid-back, upright riding position that riders of any age or gender can enjoy. The Viribus is also designed for easy assembly, and the parts fit together snugly. This adult trike is practical for day-to-day use, but it’s also suitable for more adventurous riders looking for more out of their commute. For the price, this is an outstanding value.


  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Large basket to store stuff
  • Affordable


  • Heavy; difficult to carry
  • No suspension

DoCred Adult Tricycle 7 Speed, Three Wheel Bikes for Seniors

The bike’s large basket can hold a lot of items, and the bike’s weight is evenly distributed, so the bike feels well-balanced while carrying items.

The DoCred Adult Tricycle is a great price-to-quality pick that’s a great option for anyone over 5’0″ who wants something that’s easy to lift, easy to stow, and rides smoothly. The 24-inch wheel version, which we used for our tests, is best suited for riders over 5’6″, although taller riders can get by with the 26-inch wheel model.

The bike is relatively large, so it’s very useful for shopping or bringing along groceries or other items. The bike is a bit heavy, but it’s heavier than other bikes in this size category, which we found was a better balance.


  • Three Sizes
  • Affordable 


  • Heavy

What Is a 3 Wheel Bike?

Three-wheelers are a popular form of transportation for people recovering from accidents, injuries or other health issues. Trikes are a particular favorite among seniors, but they are useful for anyone looking to improve their fitness. Here are some reasons why you might want to invest in a three-wheeler.

Buyer’s Guide: What To Consider When Shopping For Tricycles For Adults?

Who Rides Adult Trikes?

Many people that have trouble walking usually find these very helpful as they offer stability and good balance, which is something most seniors lack in general. It’s important to make sure that you feel comfortable on the bicycle before buying it though because some models won’t work for everyone.

It’s important that the adult trike bike you buy has adjustable features so it will grow along with your ability as time goes on and your needs change. Most adult trikes have wide seats for added comfort and safety, making them perfect for those with mobility issues.

Not only they are fun to ride, but they offer a low-risk exercise option for many seniors. The best part is, it doesn’t take much physical exertion to ride one! Adult tricycles provide an alternative safe choice for those who may no longer be able to ride a regular bicycle.

Why Pick An Adult Trike Over A Traditional Two Wheel Bicycle?

Senior citizens, in particular, often look for an alternative form of transportation that is easier on their joints than biking a two-wheeler, as well as one they can use without having to work too hard on their balance or coordination. If this describes you, then these bikes may be just what you need.

Have you ever thought about riding a three wheel bicycle? Many people think that these bikes are only meant for children as they think of upright trikes for kids, but that isn’t true at all! You may get a three wheel bike to help you get extra physical therapy, exercise, improve your balance, or even lose weight.

Benefits of Adult Tricycles (especially for The Elderly)

Once you start using one of them, it will allow you see clearly the benefits of Adult Tricycle Bikes. If you’re looking to burn off excess energy in a fun and creative way, a three-wheeled bike might be just what your looking for. A three-wheel bike is a great way to stay fit, and the stylish design gives you more stability, and more room to pedal around.

One other great advantage to having a tricycle for an old person is that it helps reduce the strain on your back and neck muscles. When your feet are placed directly over your hips and shoulders while riding a three wheeler, you will find that you will be able keep enjoying cycling for years to come.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of tricycles for senior citizens, this top 10 list is a nice starting point.

Some three-wheel bikes for adults have seats that are not adjustable at all, but those will fit between the rider’s legs. These types of seats are best for short people, but if you’re tall, you might prefer a seat that you can adjust to your height.

I would advise you to stay away from any recumbent trike if they are to be used by seniors. While at first, a recumbent tricycle might sound like a great idea, they are far from perfect. It’s nothing like the recumbent exercise bike you might have at home or try at the gym, I find them very uncomfortable to ride.

We’ll highlight some key features you might want to look for in order to pick the best bike for your needs. Keep in mind that even though they are a popular choice for seniors, they are great for recreation for all ages too.

I didn’t include any electric tricycle bike on this list simply because I haven’t had the chance to try one. But to be honest, I think investing in an electric bike is the way to go, and something we will be discussing a lot more in the near future. In the United States, electric bicycles are currently used most commonly for short trips to grocery stores or for leisurely rides. Now that I think of it, I would love to own an electric trike!

There is always the hassle of charging their battery life, in order for electric tricycles to run. I always fear that a single charge might not provide the battery life I need to complete my ride. Plus, I’ve heard stories where the people had to replace their battery after two years of use. So, I personally won’t buy any 3-Wheel Electric Bike unless they improve their batteries and their battery life compared to previous models.

I’ve seen the awesome Addmotor Motan 3-Wheel Electric Bike, but unfortunately, it does come with a high price tag. I sure hope we will have some affordable options to choose from in the near future.

Disadvantages Of Tricycles

Keep in mind that tricycles weigh more than two-wheeled bikes on average. In fact, some people swear by them because their extra weight contributes to stability and balance while riding.

You also need to factor in how large these three wheeled options are. You may not be be able to store your tricycle if you have limited space, and transportation is another issue. The same can be applied to a recumbent bike, which is not ideal for elderly people.

Another thing to consider is the cost of owning one as these bikes are not inexpensive and will likely need significant upkeep over time. Most options on the market come dissembled, and sellers often don’t offer much guidance on how to put the trike together. While it’s not difficult to assemble them, it still requires a little more time to set up compared to a traditional bike.

A three wheel bike is an alternative for people with disabilities, but it's also a great way to get around.

Folding Adult Tricycle or Not?

This is up to you to decide. Folding tricycles have a few advantages and are ideal for people that need a compact folding 3-wheel bicycle that is easy to store.

There are many options to choose from. Their frame will determine their height, so it is wise to pick a model that features a low stand for easier access. There is nothing worse than ending with adult trikes that are difficult to reach.

Wheel Sizes

When you’re purchasing an adult trike, there are several things you need to consider. The first is the seat’s comfort, handling, the number of gear ratios, and what kinds of terrains you’ll be riding on, but there’s one thing that might be the most important of them all, and that’s wheel size. How can the different wheel sizes effect how well your adult tricycle rides? (Hint – it has to do with lots more than just the looks.)

Larger wheels are heavier, more expensive, and harder to ride over rough terrain. They also require more maintenance. A smaller wheel will make the bike cheaper and easier to manufacture.

Look for models with alloy 24 inch wheels that are suitable on almost every occasion. I’d personally opt to go with the bigger wheel possible, like the 25 inch wheels found on many bikes. But I think most people will benefit from a 24 inch model.

If your budget permits, you should be looking at an aluminum frame and alloy rim. It is nice to own a brake lever lock to make sure your tricycle stays put when parked. Fewer models feature a disc brake. A sturdy steel frame can provide increased stability without breaking the bank.

I liked the Mobo Cruiser, a beach tricycle for adults (on Amazon), that is worth checking out. You can also look for a Delta or Tadpole trike for some great alternatives. For younger kids, a dual joystick steering recumbent or those awesome-looking drift trikes are a nice upgrade from their balance bike, 3 wheel scooter, or upright tricycles (unless they are into self-balance scooters)

Frame Material

Aluminum frames are a great option for most uses! They are way lighter than steel and titanium frames. Plus they are very durable. They also give a smoother ride because the bike doesn’t bounce around as much when you hit bumps in the road.

A steel tricycle might be = cheaper, but it’s heavier so your tricycle will be slower to get going and harder to pedal once it gets moving. This could be an issue if you have health issues such as arthritis in your hands.

Titanium is the lightest frame material for a three-wheeler, but it’s also the most expensive and can be prone to corrosion.


As with two-wheeled bikes, three-wheel bikes can feature 1-or multiple gears to choose from, depending on how much power you need. It would be best to go with single speed trikes for easier cruising. For an enjoyable ride with less stress.

The biggest advantage of a single speed model is that it is typically less expensive than a multi speed model. However, the big disadvantage of a single speed model it that you can only pedal at the rate dictated by your bicycle’s gears. On the other hand a multi-speed model allows you to adjust your pedaling speed based on how hard or steeply you are pedaling or how hilly the path is.


As far as the rider’s comfort is concerned, it would be best to look for loop handlebars. They are ideal for seniors with poor muscle strength or arthritis.

Riding a tricycle can be uncomfortable if you’re not sitting up straight. Keep your elbows in so they have some bend as hold onto the handlebars and don’t lean forward too much!

To ride a motorcycle in the upright position, you should start by positioning your back as straight and flat against the seat. You will want to keep your head up with your neck aligned along the natural spine curve so that there is no slouching or leaning forward.

Adjustable handlebars are essential to set them at your preferred position for great rides. This will also enable you to share the three-wheeled bike with multiple users. The handlebar will permit you to adjust them based on each rider’s height as well as their reach. Ensure there is sufficient space available to place one among the best biking lights from this list, alongside any other accessories you may have.

This three wheel bike is perfect for adults.


Remember that some models come pre-assembled, while others require assembly. If that sounds like a big deal, check whether the model you’re interested in is already assembled. Please do not worry, however, as, with the instructions, it may be straightforward to assemble.

If you buy a bicycle locally, you may want to visit a local bike shop in order to get it assembled for you. You may want to avoid a bike assembled by employees not properly trained. I’ve read about a lawsuit against a major store, about a woman who got one of those Walmart tricycle bikes assembled, so better double-check before you ride it for the first time. Better safe than sorry!

If possible, go for a tricycle with front and back fenders as they will keep you clean if you ride over water and mud.

If you are not sure if you could assemble the bike yourself or you should go for assembled tricycles, this video walkthrough will give you a taste!

How to Assemble Your Progear Tricycle (Full Video)How to Assemble Your Progear Tricycle (Full Video)

Storage Space and Weight Capacity

It is wise to pick a three-wheel bike that provides storage space for your daily needs. Trikes are ideal for transporting groceries or anything else from point A to point B because they come with an extra wheel which means less weight on each side so it becomes even more balanced when cargo space is taken into consideration.

The best option for adults would feature a front or rear cargo basket for groceries.

Make sure you check the weight capacity with the manufacturer before you commit to a specific model. The weight capacity is of vital importance in case the bike will be used by overweight people and larger adults in general.


Adult trikes can provide great stability and balance due to their design. Make sure that you feel comfortable enough to ride it. It would be best to look for models that feature padded seats to enjoy a comfortable ride at a slower speed.

Comfortable seats will help you to leisurely ride and prevent you from getting tired, so you would like to ride more, which is a great exercise.

Just make sure that the model comes with an adjustable seat that allows for seat height adjustments.

I’ve read about a company that makes mini trikes for adults, named Vanraam, that are made particularly for small adults. It might worth a visit inorder to pick the right bike for your needs.


Pick a model from any of the reputable bike companies, that is backed by a long-lasting warranty. Moreover, make sure that there are replacement parts if you need maintenance in the future. One of the most reputable manufactures is Schwinn, with great reviews from users. Other brands to look for include Happybuy, Raleigh, and Mantis, to name a few, all deserve a spot among the best 3 wheel bike brands.


You want to make sure you aren’t adding any additional strain on you hands with a rigid fork, try the front suspension forks that helps cushion the effects of bumps on the road and reduces vibration for more comfortable, and less frustrating rides!

 best 3 wheel bike for adults

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Riding a Three-Wheel Bike a Good Exercise?

Generally, biking is good for you because it improves your cardiovascular system. Riding a three-wheel bike can be good for the same reasons as riding a two-wheel bike would be. The exercise that one gets from riding would depend on the speed at which they are riding and how long they ride for.

Are Tricycles Dangerous?

Before riding any bicycle, you should always check its ability. It is essential to make sure the person hasn’t had any serious injuries. Minor injuries are not a reason to stop biking, but a major injury could be. Riding on uneven and unpaved roads should be avoided because this could lead to accidents that could result in serious injuries. These bicycles are made for smooth surfaces alone; they are not made to ride rough terrain or off road use, only flat surfaces. Keep in mind that a bike helmet is a must-have accessory!

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