Can I change the key switches on my gaming keypad?

Gaming keypads are essential for gamers as they provide a cluster of keys and buttons that can be easily accessed with minimal hand movement. This makes gaming more enjoyable, convenient, and efficient.

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One key feature of gaming keypads is the ability to customize and personalize the keys to fit the user’s specific needs and preferences. Depending on your style of play, certain types of switches may work better than others.

In this blog outline, we will discuss the various aspects of changing the key switches on a gaming keypad so you can find what works best for you. We’ll cover topics such as different types of available key switches, tools and materials needed for switch replacement/installation, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to replace or install new ones yourself safely without damaging your device.

Types of Key Switches

Key switches are an essential component of any keyboard or gaming keypad, as they are the mechanical parts that activate when a key is pressed. There are several different types of key switches available on the market today, each offering unique benefits and features.

The most popular type of switch for use with gaming devices is Cherry MX, which offers a smooth linear actuation and long lifespan. Other popular options include Kailh, Gateron, and Razer Opto-Mechanical.

Kailh switches offer fast actuation and durability while Gateron ones offer smooth actuation and variety in terms of switch types. Finally, Razer’s proprietary Opto-Mechanical switches provide fast actuation along with tactile feedback for added precision during gameplay.

Tools and Materials

In addition to the tools and materials mentioned above, you may need other items depending on your specific gaming keypad. For example, if the key switches are connected with wires as opposed to being soldered, then you will also need wire cutters or a similar tool for disconnecting them.

You should also consider picking up some isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs for cleaning off any dust or debris from around the key switch area before beginning installation. Additionally, it’s a good idea to pick up some thermal paste if your gaming keypad has metal plates over the PCB (printed circuit board).

This can help improve heat dissipation in order to prolong the life of your replacement key switches.

Disassembling the Gaming Keypad

Once the keycaps are removed, you will need to unscrew any screws or clips that are holding the key switch assembly in place. This is often done with a regular Phillips head screwdriver.

Be sure to keep track of which screws came from where so they can be reassembled correctly later on. Once all the screws and clips have been removed, carefully separate the key switch assembly from the rest of the gaming keypad by gently pulling up on it until it comes away from its connection points.

Try not to force anything as this could damage your gaming keyboard or cause other problems if not done correctly.

Removing the Old Key Switches

Once you have access to the key switch assembly, you can begin the process of removing the old key switches. Depending on the design of your gaming keypad, you may need to use a screwdriver to unscrew and remove screws that are holding each individual switch in place.

Alternatively, if your key switches are soldered directly onto the PCB board, then gently de-solder each one using a soldering iron and solder wick or flux. It is important to take note of both the orientation and placement of each old key switch as you will need to install new ones in exactly same positions later on.

Doing this will ensure all keys work correctly with your gaming device afterwards.

Installing the New Key Switches

The specific steps will differ depending on the design of your gaming keypad, but typically involve: placing the new key switches in exactly the same positions and orientations as their predecessors; if they are screwed onto a plate or frame, use an appropriate screwdriver to secure them in place; and if they need to be soldered onto a PCB board, use a soldering iron following manufacturer’s instructions for optimal results.

It is important that you pay close attention while soldering as any mistake can lead to damage of either the switch itself or the circuit board.

Reassembling the Gaming Keypad

Once the new key switches are installed and secured, it’s time to start putting your gaming keypad back together. Carefully replace each component that was removed during disassembly, making sure everything is in its proper place before continuing on with the process.

Be sure not to overtighten any screws or components as this could cause damage to the gaming keypad or potentially void its warranty. If you have any extra screws or components leftover after reassembling, do not try to force them into place as they may not fit properly and could also cause damage.

Once all of the pieces are in their right places, securely fasten them down with either screwdrivers or other tools provided by the manufacturer and make sure nothing can come loose when moving around frequently while playing games. With these steps complete your gaming keypad should be ready for use!

Testing the New Key Switches

When you reassemble your gaming keypad, it is essential to test the new key switches before using them. Simply press down on each key switch and listen for an audible click or actuation.

This sound indicates that the switch has been activated properly. If you discover any issues with the functioning of the keys or if they are not performing as expected, then further troubleshooting may be necessary.

You may need to disassemble and re-install the new switches in order to correct any problems encountered during testing. Additionally, make sure all connections between components have been secured correctly so that everything is working properly when you use your gaming keyboard again.


Changing the key switches on a gaming keypad is something that can easily be done with the right tools and materials. It’s also a great way to customize your gaming experience, as you can choose from different types of key switches that offer different feedback and performance levels.

Depending on what type of games you play, certain key switches may be more suitable than others – such as those that provide tactile feedback or are quieter and faster for quick-paced action games. When it comes to changing the key switches, it’s important to follow all safety measures outlined in this guide in order to prevent damage or injury during the process.

You should always use protective eyewear when working with small components, wear gloves if necessary, and make sure you have enough space around your work area before beginning any task. Additionally, since some gaming keyboards require special soldering techniques for their keyswitches, it is recommended that users who are not familiar with these techniques seek professional assistance if they plan on doing a large amount of customization to their gaming keyboard.

With all these tips in mind, changing out the key switches on a gaming keyboard is relatively straightforward and simple process that allows gamers to personalize their setup according to their own preferences.