Director • Cinematographer • Editor • Photographer

Efthymiou Michail

Hello, my name is Michail. I have studied Geography at Harokopio University and completed an MSc in Human Geography and Geographical Information Systems at the University of Leicester.

I’m a huge fan of Escape Rooms and founder of, a website community regarding escape rooms in my home country, Greece. it works as a directory with every company-room listed, plus our own reviews of games we’ve played.

Founder of M-word Web Radio, an internet radio station that covers all music genres, through interviews with Greek artists. We’ve even had bands playing unplugged in our studio. Check out the YouTube channel for more.
Member of  Greek Directors’ Guild. I have worked as the director of short-length movies, music videos, documentaries, and promotional videos. Check my profile and work at IMDB (Internet Movie Database).

I love photography and cinematography; you can see my more work at You can connect with me on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.



  • 2007 Full Moon (short length – screened at Drama Film Festival)
  • 2008 Run Away (short length – 48Hours Film Festival – Best Music Award)
  • 2009 Dream Space (short length)
  • 2018 “Ploti Politia” (documentary for TV-Series “Es avrion ta spoudaia”
  • Currently working on a feature-length documentary named “Dourgouti Island Hotel” based on the work of “UrbanDig Project”.


  • 2014 Games of Trust (short length)
  • 2014 Bad Faith (short length)
  • 2015 End of war (short length)
  • 2017 Chant (short length)
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