Hoverboards for Kids: Features and Functions to Look Out For

Hoverboards for Kids: Features and Functions to Look Out For

Hoverboards, also known as self-balancing scooters, have become a popular mode of transportation for kids and adults alike.

These devices offer a fun and convenient way to get around, and there are now a wide variety of models available on the market.

When shopping for a hoverboard for a child, it’s important to consider the features and functions that will make the experience safe and enjoyable.

Safety Features

Look for models that have passed safety certifications, such as UL 2272, which tests for fire and electrical safety.

  • When purchasing a hoverboard for your child, you should always make sure it has a sturdy and well-built frame. This is important because it will ensure the board can withstand any bumps or knocks that may occur while riding. It’s also important to check that all of the components are securely fastened and not loose or rattling around as this could be dangerous.
  • The weight of the board should also be taken into consideration; if it is too light, then your child won’t have enough stability when riding, but if it is too heavy then they may struggle to maneuver easily.
  • Most hoverboards for kids come with larger wheels than those found on adult models. This is because the larger diameter provides more stability, which makes it easier and safer for children to ride. Ensure that the wheels are made from a durable material such as rubber or plastic so they will last longer and can handle rougher terrain.
  • For added safety, look out for anti-slip foot pads which give your child greater control when maneuvering their board. The foot pads should also be textured for extra grip. Finally, look out for models with an adjustable speed limit setting as this will help to ensure that your child doesn’t ride too fast and get into trouble. r
  • A weight limit that is appropriate for the child’s size is also important. If your child is too heavy for the hoverboard, it will be difficult to maneuver and could cause them to lose control and fall off. The manufacturer’s instructions should state a maximum weight limit so make sure you check this before buying.

Performance and Functionality

In addition to safety, you’ll want to consider the performance and functionality of the hoverboard. Some features to consider include:

  • The power of the motor and battery – you’ll need a powerful enough motor to ensure that your child can navigate steep inclines with ease.
  • The weight capacity of the hoverboard
  • The battery life – how long the hoverboard can run before needing to be recharged.
  • The range of speeds available on the board. Most models will offer a few settings but you may want to look for one with an adjustable speed dial so that your child can adjust their speed as they feel comfortable.
  • Whether it has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing your child to control their board using their smartphone or other device.
  • The type of terrain the hoverboard can handle (e.g. smooth surfaces, off-road, etc.)
  • The availability of different speed modes (e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Bluetooth connectivity for listening to music or connecting to a smartphone app
  • LED lights or other visual enhancements
  • Finally, you’ll want to consider the overall design of the hoverboard, including its size, weight and color options. Make sure it appeals to your child’s sense of style so they can enjoy riding their board with confidence!

Ease of Use

When you’re looking for a hoverboard for your child, ease of use should be one of the top considerations.

Look for models that are lightweight and easy to carry, as this will make it much simpler for kids to move around with the device.

Additionally, ensure the controls are intuitive so children can learn quickly how to operate the hoverboard without having too much difficulty.

Some models also come with remote control capabilities which can be useful in helping younger children or controlling the device from a distance – something that could prove invaluable if they happen to stray further than expected!

Ultimately, choosing a model based on ease of use is essential if you want your child to have an enjoyable experience when using their new hoverboard.

Price and Value

Do some research on different models and prices before making a purchase.

Look out for sales or deals, as these can help save money while still providing you with an item that meets your needs.

If budget is particularly tight, consider buying a used model instead of new; just be sure to inspect it thoroughly first!

Ultimately, by taking the time to compare prices and features between options available in the market today, you will ultimately get more bang for your buck when purchasing a hoverboard for your kid.


By considering the safety features, performance and functionality, ease of use, and price and value, you can find the perfect hoverboard for your child.

With the right hoverboard, your child will be able to safely and enjoyably experience the fun and convenience of this popular mode of transportation.