How to Make Your Own Homemade Mouthwash for Denture Care

How to Make Your Own Homemade Mouthwash for Denture Care

Mouthwash and toothpaste are no doubt helpful when it comes to reducing the number of cavities you’ll have in your teeth. However, if you’re a dental patient with a set of dentures, chances are that your mouthwash isn’t doing a substantial enough job at cleaning the delicate areas around your mouth. In fact, it’s been noted that your gums and your dentures are both sometimes not cleaned effectively even after you use a mouthwash.

There’s no secret that many types of mouthwash are too expensive for basic denture care. If you’re one of the people buying them, then you’ll understand what the problem is. This is why it’s so important to create your own homemade mouthwash that will be suitable for your specific needs. This is why we’ve done some research on the best way to make one that can help keep your dentures clean without having to spend a lot of money on something you can just as well make yourself.

Ingredients you can use

1. Table salt

Your homemade mouthwash should have a salt content of 25 percent and an acid content of 40 percent. You can combine table salt with baking soda to form the homemade mouthwash.

2. Water

It’s also crucial that you use water to create the homemade mouthwash. The percentage of water for this part is 30 percent.

3. Tea tree oil or vodka (optional)

These two ingredients are optional and they’ll only enable you to enhance the taste of your homemade mouthwash more effectively. They should be present in a percentage of around 5 percent. If you don’t have tea tree oil, you can just use vodka as a substitute for it.

4. Lime juice (optional)

Lime juice should add 6 percent acidity to your homemade mouthwash. You can also combine lime juice with mint for an added flavor. Alternatively, you can also use lemon juice instead of lime if you prefer lemon-flavored mouthwash.

The steps:

  1. Boil some water
  2. Add 1/4 cup of salt to the boiling water
  3. Stir until dissolved
  4. Let it cool for a few minutes before adding any essential oils or herbs (optional)
  5. Pour into an empty container and enjoy!

Remember that using a denture care bath can help you take care of your dentures, so make sure you check out our comprehensive guide before your next purchase.