The Best Hoverboards for Kids: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Gift

Hoverboards have become increasingly popular among kids of all ages in recent years.

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They provide an exciting and fun way for children to get around and explore their world, while also providing a great form of exercise.

However, when shopping for the perfect hoverboard gift for your child, it is important to consider several factors such as safety, durability, and age appropriateness.

Safety should always be paramount when selecting any type of recreational device or toy for a child; look for models that are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which ensures that they meet certain safety standards.

Durability is also key – make sure to purchase one that has been constructed with high-quality materials so it can withstand frequent use over time.

Finally, depending on the age of your child you may want to look into lighter weight models or those specifically designed with children in mind.

With these considerations in mind you will be sure to find the right hoverboard fit just right!


Choose a hoverboard with UL 2272 certification to ensure it meets safety standards for electrical and fire safety.

This certification is issued by the Underwriters Laboratories organization and guarantees that the hoverboard meets their safety standards for electrical and fire hazards.

It is essential to make sure that any device with an electric motor or battery pack has been tested and certified before use, as these components can be dangerous if not handled properly.

Additionally, look for other features such as LED lights or rubber tires which may provide extra protection against potential falls or collisions.

When in doubt about the safety of a particular model, always consult customer reviews from trusted sources before making a purchase.

Consider the weight and age recommendations of the hoverboard to make sure it is suitable for your child.

Different models have different limitations, so it is important to make sure that whatever board you choose is suitable for your child’s size and age.

If your child is too large or too young for the recommended specs of the board, there may be potential safety issues if they use it.

Also pay attention to any additional safety features built into the board like speed limiters or LED lights which can help keep your kid safe while they are riding around.

Look for additional safety features such as LED lights to improve visibility and protect against impacts.

LED lights can help improve visibility and make the ride safer at night or in low-light conditions.

Fender bumpers are also great additions that provide protection against impacts while riding the hoverboard.

Additionally, look for boards with high quality materials like UL 2272 Certified fire-retardant plastic shells and non-slip foot pads as these materials help ensure maximum safety during rides.

Finally, make sure the board you select has an appropriate weight rating so that it won’t become too heavy while being used by your child.


It is important to check customer reviews and any warranties offered by the manufacturer when choosing a hoverboard for your child.

This will give you an understanding of how durable it is, as well as any conditions that are covered by the warranty in case something goes wrong.

Additionally, if other customers have left detailed reviews about their experiences with the product, this can help inform your decision and make sure that you find the right hoverboard for your child.

Age appropriateness

It is important to take into consideration the age, skill level and interests of your child when selecting a hoverboard.

If they are new to riding, look for boards that have adjustable speed settings so they can get used to it gradually.

A larger or heavier board may be difficult for younger children or those who lack upper body strength to control properly.

Consider investing in a lighter model with an easy-to-grip handlebar if this is an issue.


A great way to start your search is by browsing through options within your set budget.

However, keep in mind that cheaper models may not be able to provide the same level of quality and durability as more expensive ones.

While they might be more accessible financially, it might be worth considering investing in a more reliable model if safety and durability are key factors for you.

Brand reputation

When researching the reputation of different hoverboard brands, it’s important to consider customer reviews and ratings.

Look for hoverboards with a good track record of quality construction, long-lasting batteries and reliable performance.

Additionally, take into account how well each company handles customer service inquiries or complaints.

It is also important to ensure that you are purchasing from a reputable seller or retailer in order to guarantee you are getting an authentic product that meets safety standards and regulations.

Before making any purchase decisions, be sure to read up on product warranties as well so that your child can have peace of mind knowing their hoverboard is covered should anything go wrong.

Extra features

When choosing the right hoverboard for your child, consider if they would benefit from additional features such as Bluetooth speakers, LED lights or phone app connectivity.

These extra features can add to the cost of a hoverboard so it’s important to decide whether they are worth it and will be used by your child.

If you know that your child loves music, then getting a hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers could be great way for them to listen to their favorite tunes while riding around.

Phone app connectivity allows parents or guardians to monitor and control speed levels which might be useful depending on the age of the rider.

Battery life

When choosing a hoverboard for your child, it is important to consider the battery life and how long it will last.

A longer lasting battery may be more convenient, but it could come with a higher price tag than one with a shorter battery life.

Make sure you factor in the cost of replacement batteries if needed as well.

Additionally, take into account how often your child will use the hoverboard and for what activities—a board that lasts 15 minutes on one charge might work great for casual riding around town but not be suitable for extended rides or racing competitions.

Weight limit

If your child exceeds the weight limit, this could cause significant strain on the motor and battery as well as other components.

This can lead to malfunctions or even breakages which may not be covered under warranty.

It is also worth noting that if you do have multiple riders using the same hoverboard, their combined weights should not exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations either.


Safety should be the primary concern with any type of vehicle or device that children use.

Make sure that you choose one with safety features like UL certification and other types of certifications such as those from Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Durability is also an important factor when selecting a hoverboard – look for ones made with high-quality materials and construction.

Finally, make sure that the hoverboard is age appropriate – different age groups have varying levels of skill and confidence in using this type of device, so it’s important to find one suitable for your specific child’s age and abilities.

We’ve provided some recommended models here depending on the age group and level of proficiency desired; hopefully this guide has helped you find the perfect gift!