The Pros and Cons of Cherry MX Key Switches

Introduction to Cherry MX Key Switches

Cherry MX key switches are a type of mechanical keyboard switch that is commonly used in gaming keyboards. Developed by Cherry Corporation, a German company known for producing high-quality keyboard switches, they can be found in a variety of colors.

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Each color offers its own unique characteristics and features. For example, Cherry MX Red switches offer smooth linear action with minimal tactile feedback while Cherry MX Blue switches provide an audible click and bump when pressed.

Additionally, some models come with built-in LED lighting for further customization options. When choosing which type to purchase it is important to consider the desired actuation force as well as tactile feedback preferences since both factors can have an effect on your typing speed and accuracy.

Pros of Cherry MX Key Switches

Durability: Cherry MX key switches are known for their durability and long lifespan. They are rated to last up to 50 million keystrokes, making them a great choice for heavy users who need reliable performance with minimal maintenance.

Tactile feedback: In addition to the durable design, Cherry MX key switches also provide tactile feedback when actuated. This means that you can feel a bump or click as the switch is pressed down, allowing you to know exactly when your keystroke has been registered.

This feature can be especially helpful for typing and gaming as it helps ensure accuracy while providing an extra level of satisfaction from each press.

Customization: As Cherry MX keys witches have become increasingly popular in the gaming industry, there are now plenty of options available for customization.

You can choose from different colors and switch types – ranging from linear to tactile – each with its own unique feel and characteristics so that you get exactly what best suits your needs.

Cons of Cherry MX Key Switches

Cost: Cherry MX key switches are generally more expensive than other types of switches, such as membrane or rubber dome switches. This may make them less appealing to budget-conscious consumers who are looking for a more affordable option.

Noise: Cherry MX key switches can be quite loud, especially when typing quickly or gaming. This may be a problem for those who need a quiet keyboard for work environments or in shared spaces and don’t want to disturb others with loud clicks and clacks from their keyboard.

Requires maintenance: Like all mechanical key switches, Cherry MX key switches may require periodic cleaning and maintenance to keep them functioning properly. This can be an inconvenience for those who prefer the convenience of a low-maintenance keyboard that doesn’t require any additional effort beyond plugging it in and starting to type away.

Types of Cherry MX Key Switches

Cherry MX Red: These switches are linear and have a low actuation force of 45g, making them popular for gaming due to their fast response time. They are also relatively quiet due to their reduced noise when bottoming out.

The key press has a smooth, responsive feel with no audible feedback . Cherry MX Brown: These switches are tactile and have a slightly higher actuation force than Cherry MX Red at 55g.

They provide both gamers and typists with an enjoyable experience due to the satisfying bump when the switch actuates without being overly loud or heavy on the finger. Cherry MX Black: These switches are linear like Reds but have a higher actuation force of 80g which gives them more resistance when pressing down – this makes them popular amongst gamers who prefer less springy keys that still offer responsiveness during gameplay.

The key press offers a smooth, responsive feel with little sound output during use. Cherry MX Blue: These switches are tactile and boast an impressive high actuation force of 80g – they’re known for their loud “click” sound which is great for those who enjoy audible feedback as well as excellent tactility while typing; however some may find it too noisy or annoying in quieter environments so bear this in mind if you’re looking at these switches!

Cherry MX Green: Similar to Blues, Greens boast even higher actuation forces (90g) along with providing users with an identical ‘clicking’ sound emitted

Compatibility with Keycaps

Cherry MX key switches are designed to be compatible with a wide range of keycaps, including those made from ABS plastic and PBT plastic. Keycaps made from PBT plastic tend to be more durable than those made from ABS plastic and also have a slightly rough texture which some users prefer.

On the other hand, keycaps made from ABS plastic may be cheaper but they are prone to developing a shiny finish over time due to regular wear and tear. It is important for users to choose the type of keycap material that best fits their individual needs in order to ensure maximum durability and satisfaction with their keyboard experience.

Alternative Key Switch Options

Gateron key switches: These switches are similar in design to Cherry MX key switches, but offer a smoother experience and generally cost less. They come in various colors and actuation types, allowing for different levels of tactile feedback depending on the user’s preference.

Razer Green key switches: These proprietary Razer keyboards feature an actuation force that is comparable to Cherry MX Green key switches, but with a satisfying click sound when pressed. They are popular among gamers due to their responsiveness and low noise level when gaming or typing.

Logitech Romer-G key switches: This type of switch is exclusively available on Logitech keyboards, boasting fast actuation times and quiet operation compared to other keyboard models. The combination makes them ideal for both gaming and typing activities where responsiveness as well as silent use is desired by the user.