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Best Chimes: 10 Beautiful Musical Chimes For Your Patio And Garden!

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While wind chimes have been in existence for thousands of years, the art of creating them has evolved greatly over the years. Wind chimes are a great way to liven up your garden while adding a tranquil sound to the background. They come in a wide variety of styles, prices, and materials, so it can be hard to decide which set is best for your outdoor space. In this article, we will present you with the best chimes you can buy.

Best Chimes

ImageProductOur RatingPrice
Woodstock Chimes AGMS Musically Tuned Amazing GraceWoodstock Chimes AGMS Musically Tuned Amazing Grace
Check Price on Amazon
Bellaa Wind Chimes Large 27 inch Handmade Unique Gifts

Bellaa Wind Chimes Large 27 inch Handmade Unique Gifts

Check Price on Amazon
Nalulu Classic Bamboo Wind Chime

Nalulu Classic Bamboo Wind Chime

Check Price on Amazon
ASTARIN Personalized Wind Chimes

ASTARIN Personalized Wind Chimes

Check Price on Amazon
Corinthian Bells 65-inch Windchime, Green

Corinthian Bells 65-inch Windchime, Green

Check Price on Amazon
Afirst Wooden Wind Chimes

Afirst Wooden Wind Chimes

Check Price on Amazon
Coconut Shell Wind Chimes

Coconut Shell Wind Chimes

Check Price on Amazon
Bamboo Wind Chimes-30'

Bamboo Wind Chimes-30′

Check Price on Amazon
Skybella Crios Outdoor Wind Chimes - 35 inch

Skybella Crios Outdoor Wind Chimes – 35 inch

Check Price on Amazon
XINRUI Gifts Bamboo Wind Chimes

XINRUI Gifts Bamboo Wind Chimes

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Our Recommended Wind Chimes

Woodstock Chimes AGMS The Original Guaranteed Musically Tuned Amazing Grace Chime

Editor’s Choice
9.7/10 Our Score
  • MUSICALLY TUNED: High quality wind chime hand-tuned to the inspiring tones heard in the opening measures of Amazing Grace, one of America’s best loved and most widely known hymns; lifetime tuning guarantee
  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 24-inches in overall length – total hanging length is measured from top of gather ring to bottom of wind catcher
  • EXPERTLY CRAFTED: Features an ash wood top with a beautiful cherry finish that is weather-resistant; 6 high-polish silver aluminum tubes that will not rust when exposed to the elements; removable windcatcher for easy customization
  • EASY TO CUSTOMIZE: Woodstock Chimes does not offer engraving services, but the removable windcatcher can be taken to a personalization store, trophy shop, printer or jeweler to be engraved or silk-screened
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: Created by Grammy award-winning musician and instrument designer Garry Kvistad, Woodstock Chimes offers a unique variety of high quality, affordable chimes, gongs, musical instruments and more that inspire, entertain and bring pleasure to people of all ages

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These chimes from Woodstock are quite a popular choice, they are tuned to the opening notes of “Amazing Grace” and can be found in a variety of sizes and various finishes to choose from. The most popular version is the medium-sized one which is 24 inches tall and with its cherry ash wood and polished silver finish will easily blend with any garden and terrace. You can find it at a very attractive price online and comes with a lifetime tuning warranty.

Bellaa Wind Chimes Home Decor Indoor Outdoor Garden Yard Patio Large 27 inch Handmade Unique Gifts

9.5/10 Our Score
  • Bellaa 22890 Windchimes Unique: wind chimes unique outdoor clearance garden patio yard balcony can be use as small wind chimes or large wind chimes for outside soft wind capiz seashells easy hang s hook 27 inch
  • Handmade products: wind chimes outdoors or wind chimes for loss of loved one products made with hand by coastal villagers of Indonesia. Amazing charms indoor home decor bell rainbow color.
  • Natural products: All natural recycle eco-friendly material seashell and bamboo wood. The translucent capiz sea shells natural relaxing sound gives a refreshing feeling of breeze from the ocean.
  • Great gift idea: Gifts for mom, grandma, birthday, mother day, holidays, christmas, thanksgiving day, decorative garden gifts memorial, sympathy gifts, wind chime for loss of loved one
  • Happy Feelings: Shipped from USA warehouse with love and joy, if you are not happy any reason please communicate and take refund or replacement and part of payments goes for charity and donation.

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Bella is another popular brand when it comes to chimes and offers a wide variety of beautiful colors and patterns to choose from, along with various sizes. What makes these products from Bella unique is that they are handmade, and can be a beautiful addition to your garden and a great gift too. I personally loved this elegant design but you should also check other variations from Bella since they have more than 10 products at this time, so you can easily find one that matches your style.

ASTARIN Personalized Wind Chimes Outdoor Deep Tone,36 inches Memorial WindChimes

Honourable Mention
8.8/10 Our Score
  • Customize Now – Please button on the right top corner then fill out the customization form double check the pieces of information.
  • Pay Attention -Please reply as soon as possible to confirm your custom design mail.IF NOT, we can CANCEL this order in 3 days.Meanwhile IF NO QUALITY PROBLEMS, THIS CUSTOM WIND CHIME PRODUCT DOES NOT ACCEPT RETURNS.
  • Excellent Design – 36 inch height from hanging hook to bottom wind catcher, At the top, Your personalized words is carved on the sail.There are no two identical leaves in the world, just as every miss we want to convey is wind chimes for loss of loved one prime.
  • Garden Decor- Put the piece a walkway, under your favorite tree in garden, or on a porch or patio.The tube body is specially treated, therefore, it is durable and can be placed outdoors for a long time without changing the sound quality.
  • About Transportation-Items will be sent out in 3-5 Business day after your confirmed.Please understand,international delivery is highly depended on the local customs and logistics service.

Last update on 28th September 2023 / Affiliate Links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

I wanted to include this large alternative in our recommended list as with its retro black color this is a great option for anyone going after an elegant-looking wind chime. It is 36 inches tall which is a little larger than most alternatives on the market yet its beautiful design allows it to be the center of attention to any balcony or garden. Overall a durable and elegant wind chime that produces relaxing and soothing melodies, that definitely worths a closer look if you like its design.

Nalulu Classic Bamboo Wind Chime – Outdoor Wood Wooden Original Finish, 35″

Value For Money
9.1/10 Our Score
  • A Classic, Handcrafted, One-of-a-kind – This Nalulu Classic Bamboo wind chime is handcrafted by our artisans, giving it a unique, one-of-a-kind feel. Its classic shape and dark wooden colour is ideal in any outdoor setting.
  • Helps Relieve Stress – We Are More Stressed Than We’ve Ever Been. Listening to the soothing sound of your NALULU bamboo wind chime will help you feel calmer and more peaceful, so you can focus on what matters.
  • We’ve Added a Stronger Hook and More – We Understand That You want your chime to last. That’s why we’ve added a new stainless steel hook, a double coating of varnish, and a bigger clapper; for those good vibrations.
  • Make a Positive Impact on the Environment – Each Nalulu Wooden wind chime is sustainably grown and harvested. It is also biodegradable and produced in an eco-friendly way. And of course, bamboo is a 100% renewable resource.
  • Our Customer Promise – to Deliver You a High Quality, Soothing bamboo wind chime, in our signature green paper wrapping. If you’re not 100% happy, then we’ll give you your money back for up to 1 year after purchase – No questions asked. Simply click BUY NOW and choose between a medium or large to suit your setting.

Last update on 28th September 2023 / Affiliate Links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This product from Nalulu features six bamboo tubes the produce a soothing a peaceful sound. What makes them unique is that each one is handcrafted in an eco-friendly way from renewable resources. They are quite large with the largest tubes measuring 15 inches but if you need a taller wind chime Nalulu also has a larger model in the market. Overall a great addition to your balcony or garden can be found at a very attractive price so if you like the wooden design this one is among the products you can consider for your next purchase.

Wind Chime Anatomy

The principle of resonance is that an object will tend to vibrate at its natural frequency when it is excited by a periodic force (this principle underpins guitar and violin acoustics). This principle is exploited in wind chimes, where the tubes would naturally like to vibrate at certain frequencies determined by their length.

The correct choice of length ensures that the chime will produce its main note at the same frequency as the wind speed seen by the chime, which has been shown to be an important factor in setting up the resonance. The main note is not always audible on its own, but you can hear many overtones produced by the tubes. The sound of the tubes themselves is usually quite quiet, but the sound can be amplified by reflecting off nearby surfaces such as walls and roofs.

The other effect at work in wind chimes is entrainment. This is where a periodic event entrains (synchronizes) our brain waves; we tend to process internal body rhythms (heartbeats, breathing, etc.) as being more musical than other sounds. Wind chimes usually have a strong rhythmic component to their sound due to the pulses caused by wind gusts and so they are particularly effective at entraining our brain waves.

What Makes a Wind Chime Great?

This is entirely subjective, but here are some guidelines:

1) Windchimes should harmonize with each other – good tone quality throughout the range of notes.

2) Windchime notes should be clearly audible on their own without sounding too harsh or obtrusive.

3) Less expensive wind chimes tend to have a much smaller range of notes because each tube requires a separate length.

4) Higher-quality wind chimes will also be slightly more durable and require less maintenance than lower-quality ones (for example, the paint may be more durable).

It should also be noted that the overall sound of a wind chime can depend on factors such as humidity, air pressure, proximity to buildings and trees/other objects. No matter how good your wind chimes are they will sometimes produce a bad sounding note or just stop altogether because of something out of the ordinary.

Different Types of Wind Chimes

Wind chimes can be categorized as either hanging or standing.

1) Type of material used for construction (metal, wood, or other materials). Metal gives a very crisp sound, the best wind chimes are made from aluminum which is cheap but durable.

2) More tubes equate to more vibrations per second, so higher notes are produced. Higher notes also tend to be less sensitive to small changes in wind speed because there are fewer tubes impacted by sudden gusts of wind.

3) The material the tubes are made from. Some materials such as aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel give a better tone than others such as plastic or clay.

4) Diameter of the wind chime tubes. Larger diameters mean that more air is required to produce a standing wave in the tube and so these tubes will resonate at a lower frequency.

5) Length of the wind chime tubes. Longer tubes have a lower resonant frequency and so resonance will be less prominent in very long wind chimes (they may not even produce a sound).

6) The number of different tube lengths used. This can add interesting overtones to the tone, but it also makes construction more difficult and expensive.

Wind Chime Benefits

Wind chimes are common sound therapy tools because they can produce very pleasant sounds, especially during meditation. The benefits of wind chime therapy include:

1) Stress Reduction – the calming nature of wind chime sounds lowers stress levels and promotes relaxation (which is why you see them in spas).

2) Mental Clarity – the “dissonance” of wind chimes can stimulate mental activity, so playing them while studying or doing other mental tasks that require concentration is recommended to improve concentration.

3) Preventing Insomnia – wind chime sounds can help insomniacs fall asleep because they produce a calming effect.

4) Reducing Anger – listening to the vibrations of wind chimes is like meditating, which can reduce feelings of anger. Playing them while angry may also help you calm down faster.

5) Wind Chime Sounds for Meditation – All wind chimes sounds are good for meditation, but some specific types of sound may be better than others. The best choice is a wind chime track (preferably with 3D stereo sound) specifically designed for meditation and relaxation purposes (preferably combined with a double hammock).

How to Hang Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are very easy to hang, but it’s best to place them in an area with little obstructions. If you have trees/shrubs near your house then they may obstruct the sound waves and their quality will be reduced or eliminated if they are too close.

When hanging wind chimes indoors try hanging them where there won’t be any echoes or reverberation. For example, if you hang them in the middle of a room then the sound waves will bounce off all four walls producing an echo effect that can drown out the main tone. Instead, put them near a wall where they won’t reflect as much sound.

Wake up peacefully with this wind chime that produce a relaxing, calming tone for your day.

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Chimes:


Windchime tubes made of bamboo and other kinds of wood such as oak give the best tone. Metal wind chimes sound crisp, but they can’t produce as much volume as wooden ones. Wooden wind chimes also tend to hang better since they are heavier.

Aluminum is very light, which allows it to move very easily with the wind and produce a clear tone with every vibration. Another good choice of material is titanium because it is also lightweight and resonates just as well. Don’t buy wind chimes that are made from iron or steel because they will stop vibrating very quickly and won’t sound as good.


When choosing the design consider the following:

1) The “sweet spot” – this is the position on a wind chime where the tone is at its best. To find this hang it up and tap different parts to see which one sounds best.

2) Weight of tubes – again, wooden tubes are normally heavier than metal ones because they are hollow. Lighter tubes are more efficient at producing sound because they move faster with the wind.

3) Distance between tubes – the distance is usually small, but it doesn’t really matter since all tubes should touch each other when hanging up. If you have decided to use a multi-tube design, then you need to place them far enough apart so that the tubes don’t touch each other when they are supposed to be producing a sound.

4) Shape – this is largely a matter of preference, but there are some shapes that work better than others for certain designs. For example, circular chimes have sweet spots all over them so you can place them anywhere on the string and get a good tone. Bell-shaped wind chimes have a sweet spot at the highest point, so you need to put it in a position where this area receives the most amount of wind.

Chime Tone

Traditional wind chimes generally produce high-pitched tones. The tone is produced by the vibration of a tube, which has been filled with small objects (like beads or other materials).

Tones that are lower in frequency tend to give you a sense of peace and calm, which is why wind chimes are usually designed to produce high-pitched tones. If you’re tight on money then there are also some more affordable alternatives that can give you similar psychological results.

Volume and Clarity

It’s best to listen to some samples online before buying them because not all wind chimes sound good even if they are made of quality materials.

A tone that is constant and does not vary much in volume. If it varies then the effect will be reduced or eliminated entirely. A tone that is one octave above middle C because this sound has been proven to have the greatest psychological impact on people. The volume also needs to be loud enough so it can be heard easily.

Chimes are a way to add the sound of serenity, tranquility and peace in your home or office

Note Variety

Musicality and sound variety is a matter of personal preference, but it’s important to keep in mind that high-quality wind chimes usually have a small number of tubes and they produce one clear note when struck by the wind.

Some of them can be programmed so that they play a variety of notes. The tunes it plays should be relaxing and easy on the ear, although some people prefer wind chimes that don’t play specific songs and just make noise.


If there is a lot of rain or strong winds in your area, then you should opt for more expensive products because they will be able to withstand these harsh conditions. It’s usually best to go with wood and metal tubes since plastic ones are prone to damage if exposed to water and sunlight for too long.

Some metal tubes can also rust if they are not treated with a good coating of paint, so be careful to choose the ones that will last you a long time.


It’s especially important for people who live in windy areas since strong gusts can either break or damage their chimes or make it so that all you hear are choppy sounds instead of one clear note.

If your wind chime produces choppy sounds then you will hear these more often than clear tones. This can be somewhat annoying so you should try to pick products that are capable of producing the right sound even if there is a lot of wind in the area.

In most cases, wind chimes are more decorative than they are functional. This doesn’t mean that you should pick the cheapest ones on the market because your guests might think it looks tacky and cheap, but instead of having a good sound quality, it’s better for them to look attractive.


A high price tag doesn’t always mean it’s the best wind chime on the market. Usually, higher prices indicate that it is made of quality materials and it will last you a long time. If you buy something that costs $50-$70 then this is usually enough to get yourself a product that produces great tones and can withstand harsher weather conditions for several seasons.


Do Wind Chimes Scare Birds?

It depends on the type of wind chime you have. Some products do not produce a sound that can scare birds away, but others emit high-pitched notes that are only audible to animals. You should check if it’s safe for your area to use these kinds of wind chimes because they might irritate or chase away various types of wild animals.

Can I Use Them to Keep the Birds Away?

Although there are wind chimes that emit high-pitched notes and can be used as bird repellent, most of them aren’t designed to do this. If you like having birds in your yard but they leave their droppings everywhere, then it’s best for you to use bird spikes or other methods that are meant to keep these animals away.

Where Should You Hang Wind Chimes?

Wind chimes are meant to be hung in a place where there is constant exposure to the air, but it doesn’t have to be right outside your door. You can also put them under your porch or any other area that will make their sound travel further, which will make it easier for you to relax and enjoy yourself.

How Long Will They Last?

Wind chimes that are made of high-quality materials can last for decades, but if you live in an area where there is a lot of rain then the tubes will wear out much faster because they start to rust. You should always check what kind of finish or coating your wind chime has before buying it to make sure it will last you for several seasons.

How Do I Take Care of My Wind Chime?

Taking proper care of your wind chime is probably the most important part of owning one. This includes making sure it’s out of reach from young children or animals that might be attracted to its sound or shiny tubes, exposing it to direct sunlight is not a good idea if you want to preserve its color, and frequent exposure to water can corrode the tubes.

How To Hang a Wind Chime on a Deck?

A deck is a perfect place to install your wind chime because it will catch the sound of gentle breezes and bring you joy every time you step out. The most important thing here is making sure that your yard gets enough sunlight so that the tubes don’t start deteriorating after a few seasons.

What Is the Right Place for Wind Chimes?

Although wind chimes can be hung on your porch, you should also think about installing them close to your backyard or any other space where gentle breezes will travel. This way, you won’t have to go outside just to hear their calming sound and enjoy a few minutes of peace every day.

Can I Use Them To Improve My Mood?

Yes, you can. If you install a wind chime on your porch or in your backyard then it will catch the sounds of breezes and this will have a soothing effect on your soul. Plus, there are some products that emit more calming notes so they can be very useful for people who want to relax during their spare time.

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