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The 10 Best Exersaucers For Baby That Help Your Toddler Develop Coordination, Strength And Motor Skills!

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An exersaucer is a stationary activity center designed for infants and toddlers. Although they are commonly used when the babies are at the age when they start to stand up by themselves, they can be used even if the baby is not yet standing or walking. They usually have a wide base and are sturdy enough to remain upright on their own when the baby is standing or walking.

The seat has a variety of toys that can stimulate a baby’s senses and promote cognitive development. Think of it as a baby activity center that provides physical exercise to help develop muscle tone and coordination, as well as toys and playthings that entertain the baby.  It’s easy to see why so many parents love an exersaucer: it keeps the baby busy and entertained, while also aid motor development along with physical development.

Whether you’re looking for an exersaucer you can take with you on the go or one you can leave sitting out in your living room, there is an option that will work for your family. We’ve taken a look at the newest and most popular options on the market, and have compiled a list to help pick the best exersaucer for baby.

Best Exersaucers For Your Baby

ImageProductOur RatingPrice
Skip Hop Baby Activity Center

Skip Hop Baby Activity Center

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Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Lights & Sea Activity Gym & Saucer

Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Lights & Sea Activity Gym & Saucer

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Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

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Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper with Lights and Melodies

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper with Lights and Melodies

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Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center, Life in the Amazon

Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center, Life in the Amazon

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Baby Einstein Journey of Discovery Jumper Activity Center with Lights & Melodies

Baby Einstein Journey of Discovery Jumper Activity Center with Lights & Melodies

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Baby Einstein Rhythm of The Reef Activity Saucer

Baby Einstein Rhythm of The Reef Activity Saucer

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Fisher-Price Animal Wonders Jumperoo, White

Fisher-Price Animal Wonders Jumperoo, White<

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Fisher-Price Sit-to-Stand, 3-in-1 Entertainer Converts From Newborn Mat and Infant Activity Center t

Fisher-Price Sit-to-Stand, 3-in-1 Entertainer Converts From Newborn Mat and Infant Activity Center

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Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby

Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby

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Our Recommended Exersaucers For Baby:

Skip Hop Baby Activity Center: Interactive Play Center

Editor’s Choice
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Designed in collaboration with a pediatrician, our baby activity center supports a “whole body” approach to play and learning. Our unique Discovery Window lets baby see their feet while they play to learn cause and effect.
  • Easy to assemble, with toys that can be positioned anywhere for baby, it features a 360-degree rotating seat that turns and stretches for bouncing.
  • As baby grows, our activity center converts for easy cruising—ultimately becoming a clean, sturdy table for coloring, playing and more.
  • Three stages of use: Sit, swivel, bounce & play; Cruise & interact; Play table; 25 plus developmental activities
  • Clip-on toys can be positioned based on baby’s abilities

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If you are looking for a great activity center for your little one but are not sure where to start your research, this option from Skip Hop is a great candidate. I like the fact that this is a 3in1 option that will allow you to use the activity center as your child grows older.

It is designed to be used as a jumper at first, but you can transform it into a play table which makes it a great investment. The activity center features plenty of baby toys that are easy to reach thanks to the 360 degrees rotating seat and all of them are ideal to stimulate your kid’s imagination.

Many parents will appreciate how lightweight this activity center is, since it will allow you to take it with you anywhere you need to set it up for your kid to play. At the bottom, you will find that they implemented a small piano that your kid can play with, along with 25+ more developmental activities to explore.

This activity center feels very stable and durable, so it will withstand the test of time, and as your child grows you will be able to change it into a cruiser or activity table at will. It is very easy to assemble, plus you can easily keep it clean.

Overall, this is a great all-in-one solution that covers a wide range of activities for babies that will keep your little one engaged for many hours. I like the clip-on design that allows you to place the toys around the way you like and also allows you for height adjustment of the foot platform too. Definitely worth having a closer look at this one before making up your mind.

Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Lights & Sea Activity Gym & Saucer

9.5/10 Our Score
  • Transforms your living room into an ocean of discovery
  • Grows with baby from playmat to activity saucer
  • Optional smartphone connectivity for baby’s favorite videos
  • Playmat wipes clean; removable seat is washable
  • Captivating light bar easily moves from playmat to saucer

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I wanted to include this model on this list as a great 2in1 option that any toddler would love. This option from Baby Einstein might not be the cheapest on the market, yet it is a great investment that can be used as a great play-mat and an activity center as your toddler grows older. I generally prefer such a solution that can be used for many years to come instead of going to individual products every year. It is very easy to assemble and takes up minimal space so I find it very easy to move around when needed.

You can find plenty of variations of activity centers from Baby Einstein, but I feel that this sea-themed option has the most captivated colors of them all. The playmat feels very comfortable and I think that any toddler will easily make it its favorite place to play. This option is great for infants that are too young to be seated, so they can start spending some time on the playmat before trying the baby activity center.

The toys make various animal sounds that can stimulate the kids’ imagination, while the toys hanging above will help your babies stretch while trying to reach them. Overall, this is a great option that combines a baby’s playmat and an activity saucer for a minimal investment. I find its colors captivated and feel that any toddler would love spending time playing on the mat. I suggest you have a closer look at this one if you are looking for an activity gym for your little one, that allow can transform into a great activity center once your baby can be seated.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Value For Money
9.1/10 Our Score
  • Item arrives in frustration-free, easy-to-open packaging thats 100% recyclable. for a gift-ready box
  • Excitinglights, sounds and music reward your baby’s every jump
  • Infantjumper with 360 degrees of play, including peek-a-boo tiger, bat-at monkey, rattle lizard, and
  • 3 adjustable height positions to grow with your baby
  • No doorway required, plus fabric spring covers keep little fingers safe
  • Soft, comfy seat pad is machine washable and dryer safe
  • Durable frame is easy to assemble

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This option from Fisher-Price is among the most popular baby jumpers on the market, so If you are not sure where to start your research, this is a great option to consider having a closer look at. The jumpers from Fisher-Price are always of great built quality, and this is not an exception. If you are looking for a jumper that is safe to use, such an option that won’t require to be attached at a doorway is your best bet to minimize risks.

I love the vibrant colors and the rainforest theme of this product and find that the handing soft leaves on top a very nice touch that will allow your baby to stretch in order to catch them.

It comes with plenty of soft toys are your baby can easily reach thanks to the rotating seat which can provide countless hours of entertainment. They even used lights and ocean sounds that reward your little one’s jump so that it will keep them engaged while trying to reach the toys hanging from the canopy.

The jumper is designed with adjustable heights in mind so that you can easily adjust it so that your baby feels comfortable to play with. Moreover, this allows you to adjust it further as your little one grows to make this a great investment in the long run. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, this is a great jumper that you should check out.

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper with Lights and Melodies

Honourable Mention
8.8/10 Our Score
  • Captivates & cultivates your baby’s curiosity through 12 interactive activities with lights, songs, and sounds
  • 5 easily-adjustable height positions to grow with baby
  • Introduces new languages (English, Spanish & French) and promotes language development
  • Fun and discovery come full circle with 360-degree seat rotation
  • Toy stations wipe clean with a damp cloth; Seat cover is machine washable
  • Over 600 five-star reviews
  • Ships in fully enclosed packaging

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Another great product from Baby Einstein, this time an activity jumper that features 360 degrees rotating seat. It features more than 10 activities that will keep kids engaged and the integrated music and melodies are a nice touch to have. They designed the activity jumper with plenty of language lessons so you can easily toggle between Spanish, French, and English modes. I also love the piano that lights up as the baby plays, a playful touch that your baby would love to experiment with.

This model can be adjusted between five positions which makes it very versatile since you will be able to readjust as your baby grows taller. Many parents will like how compact and lightweight this activity jumper is, allowing you to move it around at will, and since you won’t need a doorway for the jumper you can actually take it with you anywhere you want.

Overall, this is a product that is well built and has adorable vibrant colors that any kid will find attractive. Thanks to its relatively low price, this is a great option for anyone with a limited budget looking for exersaucer. If you like its design and fit your budget, this is a nice alternative to consider while researching for your next purchase.

Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Exersaucer For Baby:

As babies grow from infants to toddlers, they develop more and more fine motor skills, and this means they can get into more and more trouble. As a result, it’s important to provide them with safe, secure play environments that will keep them occupied, but not in danger. This is where an exersaucer comes in. An exersaucer is a stand-alone baby activity center designed to keep babies both safe and entertained as they grow and develop.

It’s no surprise then that parents will splurge on swings, baby saucers, and other baby gear as soon as they learn they’re expecting. If you’re looking for a safe, effective way for your babies to get exercise while you’re attending to daily chores, these exersaucers are your best bet. However, not all exersaucers are the same, and it’s important to choose one that will grow with your child. They are designed to engage babies in a variety of ways, including through sight, touch, and sound.

If you’re looking for a fun toy for your babies, it’s important to do your research and find toys that will. The exersaucers are great for babies but they are not suitable for every age. The age guidelines on the exersaucers are based on the weight of the child. It is important to follow these guidelines since the exersaucer can be dangerous if there is too much weight on it. The baby could fall out of the seat. It is not recommended for babies younger than six months, as babies that young are still learning how to move. One of the most important features of a safe exersaucer is a three-point harness to keep your child securely strapped in.

Duration and Material

The duration and material of the exersaucer for the baby need to be verified when buying one. This is to ensure it provides strong support to the babies. You can check the material of the product to ensure it doesn’t sway and feel fragile when the child uses it. You need the safest and the best exersaucer for the baby. To use the features and avoid possible accidents and injury, always check the recommended weight and age limits in the manufacturer’s guide. Choose the right product for your baby’s weight or age.

Interactive Design and Actions

The highlight of the baby exersaucer is probably an interactive design and the structure that the baby likes. While this offers a wide range of exersaucers together with other components, you must determine which exersaucers are useful for your child’s learning development. Essentially, many models include fun and vibrant colors, music and songs, and flashing lights. They must not only make the baby happy, but also help them learn about colors, animals, creativity, and more. Also, the interactive design promotes eye-hand coordination and motor skills for brain and body training, especially leg muscles.

There are many benefits to switching babies from one side to the other while in an exersaucer. Their bodies are used to you holding them on one side, but by rotating them, you are creating different patterns and exposing your babies to a variety of sensory experiences. It may feel like a battle at first, but soon enough, your child will learn that they can’t rely on one position to be comfortable and will be more willing to let you put them on either side whenever you want to.

Safety and Comfort

When buying the exersaucer for a baby, you should consider safety and comfort. Your baby’s safety is always a priority; then it comes to comfort. When choosing the best exersaucer, determine an entire quality and whether it’s safe for the baby is essential. It is possible to check the material, durability, and composition.

For maximum comfort, many baby exersaucers are equipped with removable, easy-to-clean padded seats. You can also choose those with padded seats that rotate 360 degrees. In this way, your baby will get the perfect description of the toys; he can easily play with them. Also, there are models with adjustable height settings. This is useful if you need to change the height levels as per the size of your babies.

Easy Installation and Cleaning

Easy installation and cleaning is also another factor to consider when buying the exersaucer for babies. It would be very helpful if an exersaucer offers effortless installation, especially to those people who don’t have much time to assemble it or who don’t have much skills and experience. Fortunately, the best exersaucers for babies can be assembled within minutes, and it is very easy. Also, it would be good if the manufacturer provides instructions. Always follow their instructions for easy and quick installation.

Most parents want to give their children the best possible developmental opportunities they can. Providing those opportunities begins the second a child is born, as parents work to develop the right environment to support their little one. That’s why a baby activity center can be such a beneficial addition to your baby’s environment. Designed to stimulate babies and encourage them to develop physical, mental, and social skills, these activity centers are a must-have for today’s busy parents. If you haven’t made up your mind, choosing one of our recommended products is a great place to start.