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Best Mini Projectors: Portable, Versatile & Affordable!

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We’ve found the best mini projectors, the ones that will fit in any briefcase or backpack. These devices are small enough to carry with you anywhere, yet they can deliver great images. This means you’ll never have to worry about lugging around an expensive and heavy full-sized projector again! They are ideal for your next presentation but can also provide a portable home theater for a cinematic experience. They come with many features, and plenty of them have wireless connectivity and built-in speakers, so you won’t have to bring along extra equipment.

Best Mini Projectors

ImageProductOur RatingPrice
LG PF50KA Portable LED Home Theater Projector

LG PF50KA Portable LED Home Theater Projector

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Anker Nebula Solar Portable 1080p Projector

Anker Nebula Solar Portable 1080p Projector

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LG Electronics PH30N Portable CineBeam Projector

LG Electronics PH30N Portable CineBeam Projector

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Mini Projector, Vamvo L4200 Portable Video Projector

Mini Projector, Vamvo L4200 Portable Video Projector

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Anker Nebula Capsule, Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector

Anker Nebula Capsule, Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector

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Projector, DBPOWER RD-820 Mini Projector Portable Video Projector

Projector, DBPOWER RD-820 Mini Projector Portable Video Projector

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KODAK Luma 350 Portable Smart Projector

KODAK Luma 350 Portable Smart Projector

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WOWOTO Mini Projector A5 Pro Android

WOWOTO Mini Projector A5 Pro Android

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DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi Projector

DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi Projector

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Miroir M631 Ultra Pro Portable Projector

Miroir M631 Ultra Pro Portable Projector

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Our Recommeded Mini Projectors

LG PF50KA Portable Full HD LED Smart Home Theater Projector

Editor’s Choice
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Full HD (1920 x 1080) Resolution at up to 100″ screen Size
  • Built in battery (up to 2.5 hours battery life)
  • LG Smart TV enabled
  • Wireless screen Share connection
  • USB Type-C connection and Bluetooth sound Out
  • Power Supply (Voltage, Hz): Adapter (100V ~ 240V @ 50~60 Hz)

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LG’s projector is the most powerful option on this list, in a couple of significant ways: It’s got higher resolution than any other, and it has by far the brightest bulb. In addition to these great features, LG also offers ports for just about everything – two HDMI slots (one full-sized), USB A port, one USB C slot that allows you to power your device off an external battery or uses it as a spare charging station too!

We’re not done yet though; with ScreenShare enabled on this PF50KA model, you can wirelessly share content from anywhere around you without having to worry about complicated WiFI setups.

The LG PF50KA is an excellent option for both small and large presentations. It can provide a maximum screen size of 100 inches if you set it far away, while its shortest throw will allow for around 40inches screen size from 4 feet away.

The built-in battery provides up to 2.5 hours of battery for uninterrupted use. This makes it is perfect for presentations at the office, and ideal for . Plus you can always power it from your outlet with its power supply.

If you are looking for a portable, lightweight option that supports native 1080p resolution, this one takes my vote. I would consider these among the best mini projectors that are worth investing in. It is reasonably priced and provides great throw and connectivity for most use cases. Make sure you have a closer look at this while researching.

LG Electronics PH30N Portable CineBeam Projector

Value For Money
9.1/10 Our Score
  • Power source type: corded electric
  • Connectivity technology: hdmi
  • Included components: manual

Last update on 27th September 2023 / Affiliate Links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

I wanted to include this option from LG as it’s a reasonable price for a 720p projector and offers great connectivity in such a compact device. The HDMI port will allow you to use your computer, mobile device, or media player for an outdoor movie night, games, and presentations without compromises.

We all know that watching movies and TV shows on your smartphone or tablet isn’t ideal for many reasons. The tiny screens don’t do justice to the content you’re trying to watch, it’s hard to share with friends because everyone needs their own device, and there are no good options for larger viewing areas in public places like restaurants.

With the LG PH30N, users can take their favorite movies and video games on the go. No longer will they have to settle for smaller screens when traveling or at home. This projector makes it possible to project 100 inches from just 10 feet away!

The LG lacks built-in apps, but that doesn’t matter because you can plug in a streaming stick for movies and TV shows. A downside is the lack of brightness compared to other projectors we’ve tested- it’s only half as bright.

It offers portability without sacrificing image quality or brightness levels. It’s powerful enough to be used in most settings, but light enough so you’ll want to take it wherever you go! Definitely worth having a closer look at this one, especially if you are looking for the best budget projectors in the 720p category.

Vamvo L4200 Portable Mini Projector

Vamvo L4200 Portable Video Projector, Full HD 1080P

Honourable Mention
8.8/10 Our Score
  • Superior home theater projector: vamvo l4200 projector is professionally made as an hd video project
  • Portable size with latest top lighting innovations: vamvo l4200 projector comes with a portable size
  • Multimedia projector: vamvo l4200 projector for outdoor movies video projector is equipped with mult
  • Big screen & built-in speaker: vamvo l4200 projector for outdoor movies video projector has a 49-200
  • Reliable product quality vamvo projector for outdoor movies provides 2 year for the projector. if yo

Last update on 27th September 2023 / Affiliate Links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Vamvo L4200 Portable Mini Projector is an ideal choice for budget-conscious families and movie buffs! What makes this projector different from the other, more expensive options on the market? First off, its compact size creates a portable option that doesn’t take up much space—enough room to fit in with your personal belongings at home.

And second of all: it’s also portable enough to take outside if you want to watch movies under the stars. After their latest upgrade, the projector can provide 80% more brightness than their previous version.

With dazzling colors and top contrast, you’ll love what this projector has to offer. Whether you’re streaming your favorite Netflix show onto the wall in your living room or casting images from compatible devices like iPhone and iPad Pro. You can connect any of your next-gen gaming consoles via its HDMI interface and take your game anywhere.

Like any mini projector, the Vamvo L4200 is small in size but big on projection. Thanks to its capability to project 49-200” of clear and crisp video, this lightweight yet powerful device is a must-have for voracious binge viewers that move between devices often without a second thought.

This compact projector comes with a sleek carrying case for ultimate portability, and built-in stereo speakers to save you the trouble of connecting it to an external speaker. Not only does the Vamvo L4200 Portable Mini Projector offer superior image quality at an affordable price point, but it also offers advanced features such as auto keystone correction.

This projector is ideal for students who want to watch movies at home while studying or for families who love watching movies together on the weekends. Its portability makes it easy to use anywhere—even outside on a nice day! Thanks to its attractive price and long-lasting warranty, this is a great candidate to consider while researching. To be honest, if you are looking for cheap mini projectors alternatives, you can find this one at a discounted price every now and then. I have seen these go below the $100 mark, so if you are looking for the best mini projectors under 100 you will have to wait for such a promotion to happen. 

Consider the size of the room where you will be using your projector

The size of the room can have a significant impact on how clear and crisp your projection appears in comparison with other options, such as an LCD screen or LED monitor-screen combination. 

Measure your furniture and see if it can fit around a projection screen or if it will block out parts of what is being projected. If any objects might block light from getting onto where you’re projecting, this also needs consideration before selecting which type of device could be the best video projectors for your needs.

Imagine how frustrating it would be if the size of your projection is too large for a room. Imagine trying to project an image onto a wall when you can’t get close enough because there’s not enough space! 

Plus, the size of the room will affect how much light gets reflected, from the side walls to your projection screen. Make sure you have enough space for everything – this includes cables and power outlets.

Calculate how far away from the screen you would like to sit to get a full view

I’m sure you’re wondering what the best distance would be to see a full-screen projection, so I’ll answer your question right away! The average person should sit about 1.5-2 meters from a typical projector (1 meter = 3 feet). 

Imagine sitting in a theater and deciding how far away you would like to sit from the screen. The distance will dictate how comfortable you feel, so if you feel that it’s too small for viewing, you have to move closer!

Take into account whether or not any windows may interfere with viewing

Although it’s unlikely, there may be some places where the screen can’t be viewed because light from outside coming into the room and reflecting off something on-screen.

The ideal viewing environment is a room without windows or other obstructions. However, if there is any window that might interfere with the projected image on your screen, make sure to turn off all lights and close curtains to reduce glare from outside sources.

Things to consider when looking for the best home projectors for your needs:

Size of the projector

When choosing a model, you’ll need to think about whether portability is an important factor for you or not! 

• I consider these projectors an affordable alternative to the high-priced, large projectors on the market. They are the best way for people on a budget to get their hands on a portable device without breaking the bank.

• These palmtop projectors have a lightweight design that means that they fit in any bag and can be taken with you anywhere. 

• Their main drawback? The smaller size of these projectors means that the projection area will be much closer than a regular projector. This can lead to added strain on your eyes if you’re sitting too close or have poor vision – I recommend staying at least two feet away from the projected image when using pico projector for an extended period of time.


Resolution is a measure of the number of pixels that can be displayed on an image. A higher resolution means more detailed images and greater clarity in a text read from documents projected onto screens or whiteboards.

Resolution measures how many individual points are placed per inch across one dimension (width) of the screen to create its display surface area; this measurement affects both quality and quantity when projecting for larger audiences. 

Why does it matter when buying a projector? The higher the pixels, typically in HD or 4K, usually correlate to picture quality and clarity. 

The more pixels, or dots per inch (DPI), there are for a given size in inches, the sharper and clearer an image will appear to you. This is really important if you are going to use the projector in a business environment with readable text in presentations and spreadsheets. 

Generally speaking, through the years, there have been two categories that people usually categorize projectors: 

* standard definition (SD), which has an image size between 800×600 pixels up through 1024×768; 

* high definition (HD), which can handle 1280x720p resolution but also ranges into 1920 x 1080i/1080P

Nowadays, you can even find models that have a native resolution of 4K. The most common resolution is 720p (1,280×720 pixels), which will display content clearly on up to a 100″ screen at moderate viewing angles while playing back movies or watching television shows. 


A mini projector is quite handy for presentation on the go but also a portable projector will let you enjoy movies on your balcony, rooftop or small at-will.

If you are in the market for a new projector, it is important to ask yourself an essential question: What size screen do I have? The larger your projection surface area will be, or what some refer to as “throw distance,” the more lumens of light output from your projector.

If you’re looking for power and versatility at home theater installations such as living rooms where there’s no easy access up on high walls, then consider investing in one with 2000-3000+ lumen capability. For smaller screens (like a 32 inch TV, for example), 500 – 700 lumens might suffice!

It is vital to check the contrast ratio of the projector as its the one that represents the ability of the projector to reproduce dark areas and generally offers an image that doesn’t look washed out. 

Connectivity options 

Most likely you will need a VGA or HDMI input so pick accordingly. Any other inputs like a USB stick or a MicroSD card slot are not vital but it’s nice to have them as an input option. 

* VGA port plugs into the back of a computer and allows you to project a screen onto a computer monitor or directly onto another projector 

* HDMI ports attach to your computer monitor or other HDMI devices such as HDTVs or game consoles. Most modern computers come with at least one HDMI output at this point.

* USB ports allow you to connect flash drives, cameras, iPods, and other devices that are compatible with USB. 

More advanced models allow for two or more devices to be connected to the projector simultaneously. You should pick depending on the output port of the playback device you use most frequently. 

HDMI is a future-proof option that can handle anything you throw at it. The HDMI port is great for connecting the projector to a mobile computer or set-top box. When you want HD quality at a smooth 60 FPS frame rate, this is the one we recommend most highly. 

If you are not using external speakers look for a projector that has built-in speakers. Although they are not something spectacular when it comes to sound quality, they are better than having no sound when needed. Some projectors can be connected to Bluetooth speakers so if you want that option look for Bluetooth-enabled ones.

Consider your budget

It’s worth thinking about your budget early on, though – if it’s less than $100, you’ll probably be limited to low-quality LCD models. In the $300+ range, projectors usually start coming with upscaling technology for HD resolutions. Upscalers are important to consider, as the graphics resolution on many of the projectors we tried was only 800×480 pixels—so most media sources would need to be scaled up to look their best. 

That said, it’s not always a complete wash if you are looking for : in our tests, we found that the upscaling technology did a pretty good job of making games look crisp and full-screened. But again, if you’re viewing Blu-rays or HD content from Netflix or iTunes on your projector, anything less than a native 720p resolution may leave you disappointed.

Most projectors can playback 1080p movies but better to look at projectors with a native 1080p resolution if you need to avoid upscaling. Make sure that the projector has a variable focus and a long throw as this will let you place it without major limitations.

Some mini projectors can be powered with their internal battery. If you need to be portable an internal battery can provide around 90 minutes of battery power which can be plenty on many occasions apart from movies. If you plan to watch movies on the projector it would be better to invest in a model that has a 16:9 aspect ratio for its projection and the max native resolution you can afford within budget.

I would advise treating these mini projectors as an investment and something that has a long life cycle. If you are looking for something to use in a home theater, these mini projectors are not worth your time. Take a look at the upcoming short-throw projectors. They are much more powerful and will be able to handle almost any environment you throw at them.

I’m personally a fan of Optoma projectors, and quite happy with my purchases thought the years, but when it comes to a pocket projector I find the options from LG and Anker more appealing. If you are looking for value for money options, I have heard good reviews for Benq projectors I never had the chance to try them myself until now. 


There are no shortcuts when buying your first projector, especially if you start as a projector novice. It will be one of the most complicated purchases you’ll ever make and one that will change the way you look at images no matter where they originate from.

One good indicator of quality is going to be a decent warranty. The best warranty we could find was 5 years. This was especially important to us because the lifespan of projectors can vary greatly, and you don’t want to spend your money on a projector only to have it break down just a year or two later.

Many opt to buy a used projector to save a few hundred dollars. We strongly advise against buying a used projector. You may pay a few hundred dollars less, but you often have to buy an older model that might even be outside the warranty period. You also risk getting a bad projector that may be damaged beyond repair or has been tampered with. If you decide to buy a used model, I would suggest looking for Panasonic projectors, or even JVC projectors. I believe they are way underrated for what they offer, and probably you can get them for quite a reasonable price in the used market. I would stay away from Samsung 

Only buy from a reputable store or online source with a good return policy in place. If you are shopping locally, do your research to make sure the store will stand behind their product if any warranty needs arise. 

There are plenty of to choose from so we’ve compiled a list of the Best mini projectors for home theater, to help you with your research, so let’s have a look!

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