Best RC Crawlers

Best RC Crawlers: The 10 Best Radio Controlled Truck Toys!

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Are you looking for an exciting new gift for your child this holiday season? If so, an RC crawler could be the perfect present! These crawlers are small, low-priced, easy to operate, and are perfect for both children and adults of all ages!

In this article, I am going to discuss the different types of remote-controlled vehicles that are appropriate for kids and highlight the best RC crawlers on the market.

We’ve compiled a list of the best RC crawlers that we think are worth the money they ask for in today’s market. so let’s dive in!

ImageProductOur RatingPrice
Redcat Racing Gen8 V2 International Scout II 1/10 Scale

Redcat Racing Gen8 V2 International Scout II 1/10 Scale

Check Price on Amazon
Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler

Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler

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DANCHEE RidgeRock - 4WD Electric Rock Crawler - 1/10 scale

DANCHEE RidgeRock – 4WD Electric Rock Crawler – 1/10 scale

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Goolsky HBX 2098B 1/24 2.4GHz 4WD 4WS Devastator

Goolsky HBX 2098B 1/24 2.4GHz 4WD 4WS Devastator

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RGT RC Crawlers RTR 1/10 Scale 4wd Off Road Monster Truck Rock Crawler

RGT RC Crawlers RTR 1/10 Scale 4wd Off Road Monster Truck Rock Crawler

Check Price on Amazon
GoolRC RC Truck, 1/16 Scale 4WD 2.4GHz Remote Control Car

GoolRC RC Truck, 1/16 Scale 4WD 2.4GHz Remote Control Car

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FMS Jimny 1/12 RC Car 2.4Ghz 4WD Off Road

FMS Jimny 1/12 RC Car 2.4Ghz 4WD Off Road

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1:10 Scale Large RC Rock Crawler - 4WD Off Road RC Cars

1:10 Scale Large RC Rock Crawler – 4WD Off Road RC Cars

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RGT RC Crawler 1:24 Scale 4wd Off Road Rock Crawler

RGT RC Crawler 1:24 Scale 4wd Off Road Rock Crawler

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Our Recommended RC Crawlers:

Redcat Racing Gen8 V2 International Scout II 1/10 Scale Rock Crawler

Editor’s Choice
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Portal axles, Divorced transfer case, High strength 1.5mm C-Channel chassis rails, 4-Link suspension, Aluminum threaded shocks, Functional 1.9 beadlock wheels, CNC machined spools, Metal wheel hexes, Rubber sealed ball bearings throughout, 47º precision steering, Panhard bar, Front mounted motor.
  • Licensed International Harvester Scout II body, Hard plastic grill, LED ready body and bumpers, Plastic folding mirrors, Molded inner and outer fenders, Licensed Interco Super Swamper tires, Shackle mount bumpers (LED ready), Plastic rock sliders
  • Adjustable wheel base, Adjustable ride height, Adjustable toe angle, Multiple shock positions, Adjustable approach and departure angle, Tunable suspension, Lockable adjustable slipper clutch, Many upgraded parts available, Many 3D printable parts available.
  • 17T 550 brushed motor, Waterproof crawler ESC, Hexfly waterproof steering servo, 2.4GHz radio system.

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The Redcat Racing Gen8 can be found in two colors to choose from and a reasonable price for its impressive features. This is a 1:10 brushed scare crawler that runs on a 2S-3S Lipo or 5-9 cell NiMH battery. The RC rock crawler features a metal gear cover, MOD1 transfer case steel gears, and a Lockable slipper clutch.

It comes fully assembled and ready to run, while you can adjust the wheelbase for maximum performance (12.2″-13.2″). Overall a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality RC crawler, and even though it might seem pricey, this is a great investment if you like its design as it will provide many hours of fun outdoors.

Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler with Waterproof Electronics

9.5/10 Our Score
  • Featuring aggressive bead-lock rock crawling tires, four aluminum Capped oil filled shocks, and complete ball bearings throughout
  • Featuring tough axle housings front and back
  • Long travel coil-over shocks to prevent leaks
  • Removable bead lock wheels provides added grip to ensure that tire stays firmly planted on the rim when crawling
  • Made in China

Last update on 27th September 2023 / Affiliate Links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This rock crawler is quite a popular choice online, and thanks to its relatively low price, this is a great budget option. It features a 540 brushed motor and aluminum chassis for maximum durability. The electronics are waterproof and also feature a front and rear multi-link suspension system.

You will need four AA batteries for the transmitter, which uses the 2.4Ghz radio system, while the crawler runs with a 7.2V battery. You can find it in four different color variations to choose the one you like most, and its relatively low price makes this an attractive option for anyone looking for an RC crawler.

DANCHEE RidgeRock – 4WD Electric Rock Crawler – 1/10 scale

Value For Money
9.1/10 Our Score
  • 4WD rock crawler, 2.4GHz radio, 4-mode 4 Wheel steering, 2 steering servos, Lightweight plastic chassis, Solid axles, Motors on axles (MOA), Multi link suspension, Aluminum capped oil filled shocks.
  • Tunable suspension, Adjustable ride height, Adjustable toe angle, Tunable shocks, Selectable shock positions. Realistic crawler body with molded plastic roll cage, scale offroad tires, Scale beadlock rims.
  • 2x High torque brushed electric motors, 2 in 1 ESC/Receiver, 2x Powerful steering servos, 3-channel 2.4GHz pistol grip radio w/ selectable 4-wheel steering modes.
  • Assembled & Ready to Run – Includes 7.4v 1500mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery & USB Charger cable (plugs into regular USB outlet) – Requires AA Batteries for transmitter.

Last update on 27th September 2023 / Affiliate Links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This is another great affordable option on the market. The Danchee Ridgerock is a 1/10 scale model that is ideal for any beginner. It features 4 wheel steering, while you can also select between front, rear, or four-wheel steering on the fly. It uses the 2.4Ghz radio system and runs on a rechargeable battery, while the transmitter runs on three AA batteries.

It also features two high-torque motors and font/rear multi-link suspension that you would expect from an RC rock crawler. Overall, a great budget-friendly option is also very friendly for any beginner who wants to get introduced to RC crawlers without breaking the bank.

What Is RC Rock Crawling?

Rock crawling is a form of off-road racing in which drivers maneuver vehicles over difficult ground using radio-controlled cars. This can be accomplished by using four-wheel drive, powering each tire independently through the use of axle-mounted servos and/or differentials. The term “crawling” is derived from the slow and deliberate movements off the scale crawler rigs make as they travel over tough terrain.

RC crawling is an inexpensive and fun way to enjoy the hobby of remote control (RC) driving, and all you really need is a rig along with some power options and you’re ready to hit the trail.

You can purchase a chassis kit online or go to any toy/hobby store and pick up all of the parts you need individually. If you choose to purchase a chassis kit, just follow the instructions and adjust the parts as needed for your particular body. In some cases, it may be necessary to get creative when designing a crawler so keep this in mind when building yours.

When choosing a crawler, make sure it can handle the type of terrain you plan to drive on. Also, consider your budget and skill level when choosing. If you’re new to crawling or want something that’s easy to build and one that can take some abuse, you should look for an RTR package. These usually come with everything you need to get started and they’re a great place to start if this is your first crawler build.

Who Would Enjoy the RC Crawler?

This hobby is all about having fun, so only choose a kit that suits your needs and skill level. If you’re new to crawling or want to buy something for a child, I recommend choosing an RTR kit that will come with everything you need to get started. You can also find other types of crawler chassis kits which are made to order. If you’re looking for something more advanced, try out one of the custom-built kits and show everyone your crawling skills at the next meet!

Rock crawling is a great activity for all types of kids. Young children will enjoy the simplicity of these little rigs and by playing with them they can improve their problem-solving abilities and eye-hand coordination.

Older children and teenagers may want to try something a bit more challenging so it’s always good to keep one or two simple crawlers around for them to play with. These crawlers are great for team-building exercises and can teach children how to work together.

Adults are sure to enjoy these little toys as well. There’s always something more to learn, no matter what your age or skill level! RC crawling is a fun hobby that anyone can take up if they want.

RC crawler's unique design is both durable and lightweight.

What You’ll Need To Get Started

Whether you buy an RTR kit or build your own crawler, the components will vary. You’ll need a transmitter (radio controller) and receiver, four AA batteries for the transmitter, battery pack/charger, power drill, or screwdriver to attach antennae and tires.

With some RTR kits, all you really need are four additional AA batteries for the vehicle’s drive motors. Make sure to pick up some rechargeable batteries for your first build. They can be expensive in the long run if you use regular batteries, but they pay for themselves after a few recharges. If you want to go with a custom build kit, make sure it comes with all of the corresponding parts needed to attach your body and any other additional accessories you plan on using.

You can also get creative with your crawling kit by adding features such as a winch, lighting system, and even sound! There’s no limit to how many customizations you can add; the only limits are your budget and skills. Once you’ve built your first crawler, start taking it on some trails and see how well it does. It’s always a good idea to keep spare parts on hand so you can make quick repairs if any of the parts break.

What to Consider When Looking for the Best RC Crawlers?


An RC crawler will help them learn how to play with others as well as improve their problem-solving skills which is the base of all engineering and science fields. Understanding the different age ranges for various crawling kits is an important factor when choosing a kit.

RTR (Ready To Run) models: These are great for anyone who wants to get started in the hobby and want something that they can build and start driving right away.

Custom-built kits: These kits are available if you want something a bit more challenging and one that you can build from scratch. Make sure to purchase one with all of the corresponding parts which will attach to your body, battery compartment, tires, and any other accessories you plan on using. Some kits may require additional purchases depending on what type of customization

Whether you’re looking for a simpler build or something more complex, there are plenty of crawlers available in different price ranges that can suit any need. If this is your first build then go with an RTR kit to start with and learn the ropes by taking it out on trails frequently.


The crawling RC that you buy should have a good enough motor to get it going. If the motor isn’t strong enough, the crawler will be slow and not very responsive. Make sure to check what type of battery it uses as well so you’ll know whether or not your current batteries are compatible with it.

Different crawler kits use different types of motors. There are two strong main motor types: brushed and brushless.

Brushed motors are inexpensive motors but they aren’t very responsive or powerful. Yet, they get the job done when it comes to crawling RCs. They’re ideal for beginners, especially children who will be using the crawlers for playing around in the backyard or local park.

Brushless systems are ideal for large-scale crawlers since they’re efficient and can produce a decent amount of torque; however, you’ll need to ensure that the motor has appropriate gearing (pinion/spur) so it doesn’t burn out. Also, brushless systems are generally more expensive so they’ll require more budgeting for this part of your crawler.

Size of the vehicle

Building a larger vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be able to perform better on rougher or tougher terrain. Carry smaller models of crawling RCs when you go out for short drives. Otherwise, make sure to pick up extra parts in case anything breaks or if you want to add more customizations.

Different crawling RC kits are available in different sizes. Make sure to pick something that’s in your skill level range so you won’t have any trouble controlling it.

RC Crawlers are the perfect toy for any age

Ground Clearance

If you’re up for a challenge, then try going with larger wheels for more drivability and power. Going smaller in size will give you a better ability to climb over obstacles but make it less responsive.

Choose a crawler with a ground clearance that matches your skill level. If you’re not very good at controlling the vehicle, go for something with a lower clearance so it won’t flip over as easily on rougher trails or surfaces. This will also give you more time to react if anything else goes wrong which is important for beginners.

Different crawlers will be able to perform well on certain terrains and not as well on others. Make sure to consider this when shopping for a kit so you can get one that will be able to take it all.

Weight of the vehicle

The weight of the vehicle is another important factor to consider. If your RC isn’t heavy enough then it won’t be able to push through rough or uneven surfaces as well which can slow you down or stop short altogether.

Keep in mind though that heavier models are harder to control so they’re not recommended for beginners who are still learning how to operate them. Crawlers vary in weight so there should be something that falls within your skill level range.

Battery Power

Electric-powered crawlers offer the least expensive way to get started in rock crawling since they use inexpensive components and can also be operated indoors or outdoors in wet conditions. You will need a large, high-capacity lithium-polymer (LiPo) battery pack to operate your electric-powered crawler. Remember, the more capacity your battery packs have, the longer they will run.

Brushless motors tend to drain batteries quicker than brushed ones but if you’re going with a smaller crawler then there probably won’t be a huge difference.

A high speed is a good indication that your machine has a lot of power behind it. Go with a crawler that has a high speed but don’t try to go overboard with something too powerful that you won’t be able to control properly.


Different kits will come with different accessories. Some of them can even be used to customize your crawler even further to make it more personalized and unique Accessories like lights or cameras can be fun to play with and provide an additional challenge.

Opt for a kit that comes with a lot of options or has a lot of accessories included so you won’t have to worry about going out and buying all the extra parts separately. You’ll be able to get started right away and learn more about the hobby without having to wait around.

Go with a kit that falls within your skill level range and has accessories that you’re interested in playing with. Even if it doesn’t come with a lot of options, there’s still a chance that you can add some customizations or even learn how to build your own crawler from scratch.

Scale and Details

Different crawlers will have different scales so you might want to consider going with something that’s either 1:10 or 1:14. 1:10 is great for smaller vehicles while 1:14 is good for bigger ones. I personally love 1::24 models and I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that will suit your needs.

Toy crawlers typically don’t have a lot of details but there are some hobby-grade models available with more serious details and color schemes for those who want something unique.

If you’re a beginner then go with something small and easy to control but if you’re really into the hobby then perhaps going for a bigger, more complex model would be a good idea.

Discover the world of remote control vehicles


There are some really cheap RC kits available but they might not last as long or hold up well in comparison to something that’s a little more expensive. You’ll have to think about this carefully when choosing the right model for you.

You should stick with something that will stand up better against wear and tear but don’t go overboard with an expensive, high-end crawler that you’re not going to get a lot out of.

I would recommend sticking with something in the mid-price range. This will offer a good balance between durability and affordability so you won’t have to break the bank while still being able to enjoy your product for a decent amount of time. This will ensure that you won’t have to worry about the vehicle getting dents, scratches, or even broken pieces if it falls off of a ramp or something.

Radio Transmitter

The radio system is a crucial part of the crawler because this is what controls all of your movements. Make sure to choose a product that will allow for a lot of freedom and control by going with high-end ESCs, waterproof servos, and other components. You can go cheap but it might be worth investing in something more advanced depending on your skill level and what you’re looking for in a model.

The radio transmitter might affect performance even more than the weight of the crawler. Go with something that has a lot of controls or at least enough to get started right away.

Most crawler-specific radio systems offer programming functions that allow you to configure your traction settings (elevate or dig) as well as steering response (soft, normal, or hard).

Quick response and high performance are some of the things to look for in a radio transmitter. There’s nothing worse than having to wait around for your vehicle to respond and do as you want it to do. A good controller should be as responsive as possible so you won’t have any problems with controlling it properly.

Suspension System

Each wheel should have its own suspension so that it can react correctly while playing on different terrains. A good suspension will be the difference between a smooth and bumpy ride, whether it’s on an off-road track or even just in your backyard.

Different crawlers come with different suspensions so you’ll have to think about this one carefully when choosing which vehicle that you want to purchase. This is often overlooked but it can make a big impact on the overall performance of your crawler.

Get one today, they're available online!

Wheels and Tires

The tires have a big impact on how the vehicle is going to handle so you’ll have to find some that are durable yet offer a smooth ride. This will prevent them from wearing out too quickly or getting worn down easily, especially if you plan on driving over rocks or hard surfaces.

The wheels have a significant impact on the overall performance as well so choose something that will stand up against wear and tear from being used regularly or from various surfaces. The last thing you want is to be breaking down your crawler every other week because of poor quality parts.

There are crawlers available that are specifically designed for different kinds of surfaces. Many of these can perform well on both hard and soft ground but some might not be as capable on all surfaces. This is something that you’ll have to pay attention to when making your choice.

2WD or 4WD Rock Crawlers

Some crawlers have a two-wheel drive which is just enough to get going but they might not be as good at crawling over obstacles or going up and down slopes. There are also some four-wheel-drive models that allow you more control over the vehicle but it can cost a bit more as well.

There’s no right answer to this one as it’s more of a personal preference. You can get started with a two-wheel drive for less money but the four-wheel drive is often more capable and faster if you’re willing to pay extra.


What Is the Difference Between a Ready-to-Run and a DIY RC Crawler?

If you’re buying a ready-to-run (RTR) crawler, it means that it comes fully assembled and the only thing you have to do is charge up your batteries. A DIY crawler can mean different things so make sure to look carefully before choosing one.

A DIY RC crawler might require a little bit of assembly before you can use it or it could be completely disassembled and some parts will need to be assembled. It comes down to how much effort you want to put into assembling the car.

When Should Kids Begin to Play With RC Cars?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this one as it depends on the child and what they’re capable of. Most kids can start playing with RC cars at a fairly young age but for safety reasons, you should only let them play with it under your supervision.

What Is the Maximum Speed of an RC Crawler?

The maximum speed will vary based on the design of the vehicle but it usually ranges between 20-50 mph. If you want something that can go faster, you should look for a dragster RC instead.

What Is the Range of an RC Car Transmitter?

The range of the transmitter varies from model to model and it’s usually between 50-200 feet. If you’re going to be playing in a large field, then this shouldn’t be an issue but if you plan on driving in smaller areas then you’ll need a shorter range in order to avoid interference.

What Batteries Should You Use for an RC Crawler?

The batteries that you use should be matched to the model of your crawler. Most models come with rechargeable packs that will save you money in the long run. If you’re buying some extra batteries, then choose ones that have a similar mAh rating as to your current ones.

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