Best Women's Climbing Shoes

Best Women’s Climbing Shoes That Help You Improve Your Balance And Rock-Climbing Skills!

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The best women’s climbing shoes are designed to help you get the most out of your climbing experience. They should provide support, stability, and comfort. They should also be light enough to allow you to move quickly and confidently.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned climber, these shoes will keep you comfortable and safe on any rock face. There are many different types of shoes available for climbing. Some are more suitable for bouldering than others. Others are more suited to sport climbing. Some are even designed specifically for indoor climbing.

Finding the right pair of climbing shoes can be difficult. If you are looking for your next climbing shoes, it means you are ready to take your climbing to the next level. We’ve compiled a list of the Best Women’s Climbing Shoes, to help you with your research, so let’s have a look at the alternatives today:

Best Women’s Climbing Shoes:

ImageNameOur RatingPrice
La Sportiva Miura VS Vibram XS

La Sportiva Miura VS Vibram XS

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Five Ten Kirigami Climbing Shoes

Five Ten Kirigami Climbing Shoes

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La Sportiva Women's Tarantula

La Sportiva Women’s Tarantula

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Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe - Blue/Orange

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe – Blue/Orange

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Five Ten Anasazi LV Climbing Shoes Women's

Five Ten Anasazi LV Climbing Shoes Women’s

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Mad Rock Phoenix Climbing Shoe

Mad Rock Phoenix Climbing Shoe

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SCARPA Women's Origin Rock Climbing Shoes

SCARPA Women’s Origin Rock Climbing Shoes

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Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoe

Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoe

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La Sportiva Women's Aragon

La Sportiva Women’s Aragon

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Our recommended climbing shoes:

The climbing shoes from La Sportiva are quite a popular choice on the market today, and you can find them at a reasonable price online. This one is made from high-quality material and built to last for many years to come. They are designed with stability and durability in mind and the LapsoFlex at midsole and Frixion RS at the sole ensures that.

The upper part is soft made from leather for a comfortable feel and level of support. Overall a great pair from rock climbing, with a quick-pull lacing harness that will allow maximum comfort and excellent support without breaking the bank.

La Sportiva Miura VS Yellow/Black

Editor’s Choice
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Ideal terrain: overhanging sport routes, bouldering, gym climbing and technical face climbing
  • Upper: leather; lining: dentex, unlined underfoot
  • Midsole: p3 with 1.1mm laspoflex; sole: 4mm vibram xs edge
  • Last: pd 75; fit: performance w/ high asymmetry
  • Weight: 9.52 oz / 270 g

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La Sportiva Miura VS – an excellent, mid-range shoe for rock climbing. It is made with high-quality materials and durability in mind while still remaining competitively priced. The leather upper provides comfort and protection while the Frixion RS offers excellent grip – especially on wet surfaces. As a mid-weight shoe, it can’t fit people who have wider feet or those who wear high heels regularly.

The key features that make this shoe a popular option are its durable design, quick lacing system for stability without breaking the bank, and comfortable feel (thanks to its topo mesh lining). In terms of sizing, it may fit better if you are narrow footed but not too wide at all which can create problems. People with wider feet, especially those who wear high heels regularly will do better getting one size larger than what they usually wear.

This shoe is made from synthetic materials for a more affordable price, but its durability and performance are still rated highly among users. This one is made from high-quality material and built to last for many years to come. They are designed with stability and durability in mind and the LapsoFlex at midsole and Frixion RS at the sole ensures that.

The leather uppers provide a tight fit for excellent gripping without being uncomfortable or constricting. The Miura VS is perfect for those who are passionate about rock climbing but don’t have a lot of money to spend on new equipment all of the time. Overall an excellent pair, with a quick pull lacing system which means it will allow maximum comfort without breaking the bank! I highly recommend having a closer look at this one before your make up your mind.

What I like:

  • Offers great comfort and protection, depending on the thickness of your socks.
  • Available in several different styles to suit all foot types.
  • Lightweight and offers a tight fit for maximum support.
  • Works well with both indoor climbing walls as well as outdoor rock surfaces.

What I don’t like:

  • It can get quite dirty over time.
  • Could have been a little cheaper

Five Ten Kirigami Climbing Shoe

9.2/10 Our Score
  • Textile lining
  • Comfortable gym climbing shoes
  • Medium-stiff midsole
  • Stealth c4 rubber with extended toe coverage
  • Hook-and-loop closure

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The Five Ten Kirigami is another favorite among rock climbers. It offers a tight fit for maximum comfort and support, even when you’re climbing on rocky surfaces. The upper part of the shoe is made from fine-quality leather which makes it easy to break in without having to worry about blisters at all.

The Five Ten Kirigami is a perfect shoe for those of you who really like to be adventurous and love climbing. I like that the Five Ten Kirigami is made with a high level of impact resistance. It also offers an aggressive shape, aggressive downturned toes, and an edge which makes it perfect for performance under extreme conditions.

What I don’t like about the Five Ten Kirigami is that it could have been a little cheaper. I also found that it runs just a tad small. But overall, both the quality and performance of this shoe are excellent! Given its features, I think you’ll be happy with this purchase.

What I like:

  • Provides excellent support over several different terrains.
  • Offers a great level of comfort, no matter what kind of surface you’re climbing on.
  • Made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and performance for many years to come.
  • Edge, downturned toes, and impact resistance are all included in the design

What I don’t like:

  • Sizing. It’s just a tad small.
  • A little more expensive than some of the other options.

La Sportiva Women’s Tarantula Rock Climbing Shoe, Coral

Value For Money
9.2/10 Our Score
  • Right foot forward – designed for new climbers set on improvement, the tarantula delivers comfort, c
  • Adjustable closure – the tarantula’s adjustable hook-and-loop closure system is adaptable to varying
  • Comfort and performance – the unlined leather upper is breathable and keeps your feet dry all day; w
  • Built to last – this indoor/outdoor climbing shoe is constructed from high quality materials; 1.8mm
  • Tips for buying – rock climbing shoes are designed to fit differently than other footwear; reference

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When you’re climbing rocks, you want to feel comfortable and confident. But you don’t want to look like you’re about to go to the gym. These women’s climbing shoes feature a soft leather upper with lace closures and a padded collar for added comfort. They also come with a breathable mesh lining for ventilation.

The sole is constructed of rubber with a nonmarking tread pattern. The shoe is designed for use on indoor walls and outdoor boulders. I like that these have lace closures. They’re easy to get on and off, even with my very small hands! I also like the breathable mesh lining because it lets air circulate around your feet. But what I really love about them is their performance when I’m climbing. They give me a great deal of confidence while climbing and they feel comfortable at the same time.

What I like:

  • They lace up and stay tight without being constricting or uncomfortable.
  • They are soft as well as durable, making them a great pair for an all-day climbing session.
  • The rubber soles provide stability with each step, no matter what the surface is made of.

What is a climbing shoe?

Climbing is one of the fastest-growing extreme sports in the world right now. There has been a boom in indoor gyms and climbing walls with a huge number of people taking up the sport. For many beginners, these shoes are perfect for getting accustomed to climbing indoors. The shoes will provide good support and stability as you get used to the physical demands of climbing.

To put it simply, a climbing shoe is a specialized shoe that allows you to grip uneven surfaces when climbing. As well as the rubberized treads on the bottom of your shoes, they also have synthetic leather uppers and stiff soles made from either rubbery plastic or EVA foam.

When choosing a pair of climbing shoes, you will need to consider the type of climbing you will be doing. Shoes designed specifically for bouldering or sport climbing are generally thin, have a sleek design, and have good sensitivity. They tend to be made from tough synthetic materials that provide great support and stability.

They’re also designed to stay tight all day, so you’ll need to purchase one size larger than your street shoe size.

What are the different types of climbing shoes?

There are several different types of climbing shoes available. Each type serves a slightly different purpose and is designed for specific types of climbing. You can choose from three main styles:

  • Neutral climbing shoes

These shoes are great for both beginner and intermediate climbers. They will give you good support and they have a low profile, making them suitable for many different types of climbing, including bouldering and sport climbing. They are very flexible, allowing you to feel the rock beneath your feet.

  • Moderate climbing shoes

These shoes are a good choice if you’re looking for something in between the neutral climbing shoe and the technical climbing shoe. They will be more rigid than a neutral shoe, but not as much so as a technical shoe. These shoes have slightly thicker rubber soles which provide added traction on slicker surfaces, making them both great bouldering and sport climbing shoes.

  • Aggressive climbing shoes

These shoes are designed for experienced climbers and people who favor difficult climbs. They have a stiffer sole than most climbing shoes, which helps protect your ankles and allows you to get the best grip possible on steep rock faces or boulders.

These shoes are more expensive than the other types because they provide exceptional support and all-day comfort. They are also made from very high-quality materials, which make them extremely durable. A downturned shoe like this is ideal for sport climbing where there may be lots of holds and edges to grab onto.

These different types of shoes provide you with a wide range of options to suit your needs. The most popular climbing shoes for women are the moderate models, but it really is down to personal preference and style. Buy a pair that looks good on you and feels comfortable.

How do I know which type of shoe is best for me?

Before you buy, you will need to consider a few things. First, make sure that the shoe is designed for your type of climbing i.e. sport or bouldering. You will then need to decide whether you prefer a stiffer sole or a more flexible sole. If you are new to climbing and don’t want such an aggressive pair of shoes, then a neutral shoe with a flexible sole will do the job just fine.

However, if you spend most of your time climbing outdoors and need to climb on rough surfaces such as sandstone, then an aggressive shoe will give you a better grip on rougher surfaces. The thicker rubber soles also protect your ankles from injuries when falling. A beginner climber will appreciate this extra protection.

Any climber with narrow feet should opt for a narrower width shoe rather than a wider model. This way, you won’t end up having to wear thick socks to keep your foot warm while wearing these shoes. Narrower feet mean that there isn’t enough room for extra material around your ankle, meaning that the shoe fits snugly against your leg without being too tight.

The last thing to think about before buying any kind of footwear is how well it supports your feet. A lot of manufacturers claim that their products offer excellent support, but this doesn’t always translate into reality. It is important to try out the product yourself by walking around barefoot inside the store where you plan to purchase it. It’s wise to pick a versatile shoe that can accommodate any steep terrain, and this is especially true for a beginner climber. 

The Scarpa Women’s Vapour Rival is the perfect shoe for women who climb.

Are there any brands that specialize in this type of footwear?

There are quite a few brands producing women’s climbing shoes, which makes it hard to choose. Here is a shortlist of some of the most popular:

La Sportiva

La Sportiva is one of the best-known brands when it comes to rock climbing gear. They are one of the top producers of both men’s and women’s climbing shoes. Their focus on comfort, quality materials, durability, performance, and fit make them an excellent choice for women who are just starting to climb.

Five Ten

La Sportiva may be the best-known brand when it comes to climbing shoes, but Five Ten has earned a name for itself by being the top supplier of climbing and outdoor gear. As one of the biggest manufacturers in the sport, they offer an extremely wide range of products that are of the highest quality.

From high-quality climbing shoes for beginners to a wide selection of footwear for advanced and professional climbers, Five Ten is your top choice when it comes to finding the right shoe for your needs. For women looking for comfortable yet aggressive shape climbing shoes, this brand will not disappoint.


Another top provider of outdoor, climbing, and mountaineering gear is Scarpa. They produce a range of exceptional footwear that is designed to meet the needs of all climbers regardless of their level of experience. When it comes to women’s specific shoes, Scarpa offers an excellent choice with beginner shoes, as well as more advanced climbers.

There are a few key differences between bouldering and trad climbing shoes that you should watch out for when purchasing your next pair of shoes. First, you will need to decide how aggressive or sensitive shoes you want, which will depend on if you climb outside or in a gym. If you climb outside, then you will need to select shoes that have rubber soles with good friction. On the other hand, if your climbing takes place inside gyms or on plastic holds, sticky rubber soles are not as important and instead, you will want a shoe with an extremely sensitive toe box.

There are also a few differences between climbing shoes that are designed for women. Trad climbing shoes tend to be more narrow than bouldering shoes, which is ideal for women with smaller feet. Women’s trad climbing shoes also tend to have a slightly lower volume in the heel and forefoot areas.

What are some tips for finding the right size and fit in your new shoes?

One of the first things to look out for when choosing your next pair of shoes is to find a pair that fits well. The best way to do this is by purchasing shoes in person instead of online. You want your shoe to be snug around your foot, but not too tight that it makes you uncomfortable.

If they are too big, then you won’t get as much support or responsiveness out of your shoes, which will make the climb less safe.

When trying on your new pair of climbing shoes, you should have a look at how they fit and feel in different areas. For instance, each toe has its own space for movement within the shoe. You want to be sure that there is adequate room for all your toes.

Also, the shoe should feel comfortable around your heel and ankles so it doesn’t restrict your movement. If you decide to buy from an online seller, then look for a return policy in case your shoes don’t fit. For anyone with a wider foot, especially those who wear high heels regularly, you may want to consider buying one size larger than normal. This can help prevent blisters and give you better ankle stability. 

How can I care for my favorite shoe?

Climbing shoes are made from very durable materials, but they will eventually wear out. You can extend the life of your climbing shoes by storing them properly and cleaning and conditioning them regularly.

Leather uppers provide great traction while offering protection from sharp objects such as rocks and branches. However, leather can become dirty over time, so you may want to consider replacing them after several months of use.

Cleaning climbing shoes is a fairly simple process; all you need to do is brush off any dirt or pebbles then wash with warm water and mild soap. You should always use special climbing shoe detergent to clean your shoes then condition them with a good quality waterproofing spray. Regularly applying this spray will help prevent your shoes from absorbing moisture, which can lead to the growth of mildew and bacteria.

The stiffer shoes tend to last longer because they offer more support and cushioning. A great way to extend the life of your climbing shoes is by regularly conditioning them. This will help keep your shoes from getting stiff and uncomfortable, which can cause blisters or worse.

To condition them, simply spray the inside of the shoe with a waterproofing spray and let it dry overnight before you wear your shoes again. You should apply this spray to your shoes once every two weeks for optimal results.

What are some things to consider when buying a pair of women’s climbing shoes?

Comfort and Sensitivity

It is vital to feel comfortable in your climbing shoes and since every person’s foot shape is different you should definitely take the time to try as many models as possible. If you are a beginner you should look for all-purpose rock climbing shoes that provide protection to your ankles and let you test any steep terrain to improve your skill.

Climbing shoes should be considered as gear and not footwear. They are designed so as to concentrate strength on your toes to allow standing on footholds. Depending on your preference you should pick between slippers, velcro, or laces for their closure system.

It is important to have a certain level of sensitivity in order to get into climbing shoes and at the same time, most people are looking for comfort rather than extreme technical models.

Make sure that you feel comfortable with your new pair of rock climbing shoes before you start any serious practice or training. The more familiar you will be with them, the safer and more fun rock climbing will be for you.

Women with wide feet might have problems finding a good fit if they don’t buy a size larger than usual. It is also advisable to choose a model that has an adjustable strap because these types of straps tend to stretch over time.

All in all, buying a pair of good-quality climbing shoes should not be too difficult as long as you follow the above tips and consider your personal preferences and style.

Edging and Heel Hooking

Edging is the ability to use fingertips to hold onto very thin or small holds. This requires you to have precise control over your footwear and some models are better at that than others. A good pair of climbing shoes for women should be able to offer really great edging capabilities as well as being comfortable enough so you don’t experience any pain while using them.

Heel hooking is the action of pushing the front part of your shoe onto a foothold by curling your heel into it. This technique helps you mount and dismount from rock climbs, hang on to overhanging walls and even cross gaps between holds. Although this can be very useful, not all climbing shoes provide proper support for heel hooking so you should pay close attention to this matter.

Crack climbing is something that we wouldn’t recommend to someone just starting out as it requires a lot of skill and patience. However, if you have mastered basic techniques and are looking to take your skills on challenging routes then you should definitely look for the best women’s climbing shoes with crack capabilities so you can pull yourself up into tiny crevices.

Even if your goals are not set on getting to the top of difficult rock climbs, it is still important that you have a good grip and traction when starting vertical routes. This will give a sense of security, making small footholds much easier to manage.

Material and Design

Every material has its ups and downs, and it is important that you understand the benefits of each in order to make an informed purchase decision. Leather is a good option for those looking for comfort as well as durability, on the other hand synthetic materials can be more comfortable while waterproof models are also available.

The design of your climbing shoes should be carefully considered since it will directly affect their functionality. For example, you can choose between flat and asymmetrical toes in order to improve edging capabilities or a curved design that helps you stand on tiny footholds.

Since most women’s rock climbing shoes are close-toed, it is vital to learn how to fit them properly. Take your time and don’t force your toes to fit in a shoe that is too small for you. The fit should allow you to wiggle your toes comfortably and give you a bit of space between the tips and the front of the shoes.

High-quality climbing shoes are always designed with women’s feet in mind. Look for a comfortable shoe, with a close-toed design that offers good friction and edging capabilities. Keep in mind the type of climbing you are going to do most and what level you are at – this will help you narrow down your options faster.

The sole is the area from which you will step when climbing and it should cover as much surface area as possible so that you can stand on tiny holds. The sole should also be thin enough to allow you to feel the holds so that they don’t slip.

The upper part of your climbing shoe will cover your foot and ankle and it must provide as much comfort and air circulation as possible. Shoes made from soft leather can stretch a lot so they are usually comfortable but if you wear them for too long there is a possibility that they will lose their shape and fit. Synthetic uppers are generally stiffer than leather ones and offer better support. They may however cause blisters due to poor breathability.

Some climbing shoes for women have a padded tongue built into their upper part which protects the top of your foot against laces pressure. This can be useful if you are frequently pushing your shoe up to your knee while climbing but it also makes the shoe more difficult to take off so if you make a habit of that you should make sure that every modern climbing shoe has a tongue.

Another design element to pay attention to is the heel cup which will help you balance and increase your control by tightening around the middle part of your foot.

Laces, Velcro Strap Or Slippers

Climbing shoes for women can have a different closure strap – some models come with laces, others with Velcro closure and yet there are those that you pull over your heel.

Although it might be tempting to go for an easy-to-use shoe that has a convenient Velcro strap, we don’t recommend them because you have less control when putting your feet in. Instead of getting one with laces, perhaps consider a model that has a bit of elasticity so you can slip them on and jump from rock to rock.

Lace-up climbing shoes offer the best fit since they don’t stretch too much but it is easier to get them off without having to undo your laces. Velcro, on the other hand, tends to weaken over time and it doesn’t offer as much support for your foot.

If you are looking for a climbing shoe that is easy to get on and off then consider shoes that have slippers – they are more comfortable than other models but don’t offer great traction. Keep in mind that your ability to climb rock walls successfully might be limited if the holds you choose can’t give you a proper foothold.

Ease of Use

As with any other activity that requires specific gear, women’s climbing shoes come in different shapes and sizes so it is important to choose one that will work best for you. Consider going through the options carefully before making a final decision – once you find a pair of shoes that offer optimal performance during your climbs you might as well stick with them.

Your climbing shoes have to fit well but being easy to use is also important. Check if they are compatible with your preferred types of footholds or if you can adapt them for better performance in some situations.

Fit and Sizing

Climbing shoes for women commonly fit true to size but it is best if you try them on before buying a pair. During the first wear, they will stretch out and mold to your feet so you can expect some painful rubbing at first. You will feel the difference when you climb since your shoes won’t be able to conform well enough to give you the proper support and sensitivity.

You can also find women’s climbing shoes with different widths so they match your foot shape exactly but if that isn’t possible, consider getting a pair with a flatter toe box area. A too narrow or pointy model will force your toes in and it can cause discomfort sooner than later.

If you want to buy online but can’t try on the shoes, you can find them in different designs so you can identify your size based on the shape of their design. If they have Velcro straps, make sure that they are long enough since this offers a better fit – if they are too short, you might have to cut the strap off so you can slip your foot in without much effort.


What Is The Best Brand of Climbing Shoes?

There are plenty of great brands that manufacture climbing shoes, some of which we have already mentioned in our reviews. If you are looking for the best brand of climbing shoes, Scarpa is a great choice because they offer optimal performance and comfort. Their models come in different styles so there will be one that works perfectly for your needs – whether you want to do bouldering or mountaineering, you can find a shoe that matches your activity type. Five Ten is a close second place! This is an American company that offers an extensive line of high-quality products at a reasonable price.

What Is The Best Beginner Climbing Shoe?

Any of the women’s climbing shoes featured in our reviews will be a great choice if you are a beginner. They all have features that make them easy to use and their grip is optimal so you can perform well during your climbs. It will also help if you practice on different indoor walls or with different types of footholds before heading outdoors.

Should You Wear Socks With Climbing Shoes?

We recommend that you don’t wear socks with climbing shoes since this will make it harder to put them on. If you have developed calluses, however, and your skin is sensitive then you should consider getting a pair of special socks.
If they have slippers then it is better to wear socks so you can get a tight fit and improve your performance during climbs. On the other hand, if they have Velcro straps, this means that there is no need for them since the design allows for optimal foot support.

Should Your Toes Be Curled in Climbing Shoes?

The answer to this question depends on your climbing style. If you want to improve balance and make it easier for you to grip footholds, then you should curl your toes as much as possible so they form a pointed shape. On the other hand, if your goal is to use the balls of your feet for support or climb steep walls, then you should relax your toes and point them straight.

How can I make my climbing shoes more comfortable?

There are plenty of things that you can do to make your climbing shoes more comfortable once you have bought them. If the soles are too hard, for example, you can soften them by working in high-performance shoe rubber or stick-on inserts. You can also choose to use a thinner insole so your feet will fit snugly inside the shoes.
Any pair of climbing shoes requires some breaking-in period so you can get used to the way they feel and perform. To keep your shoes comfortable, however, it is important that you don’t use them for prolonged periods during this process. It will also help if you avoid using stiff insoles or thick socks when you’re not climbing.

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