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Michail – Founder

Director • Cinematographer • Editor • Photographer

Efthymiou Michail

Hello, I’m Michail Efthymiou, and my journey in the realm of filmmaking, photography, and creative exploration has led me to the fascinating world of outdoors, survival, and tactical gear. Allow me to take you through this exciting chapter of my life.

While my educational background includes a degree in Geography from Harokopio University and an MSc in Human Geography and Geographical Information Systems from the University of Leicester, my heart has always yearned for the great outdoors.


One of my great passions is Escape Rooms, and I am the proud founder of Escapology.gr, a thriving online community dedicated to escape rooms in my home country, Greece. It’s a comprehensive directory that lists every company and room, enriched with our personal reviews of the games we’ve experienced.

Additionally, I am the brain behind M-word Web Radio, an internet radio station that explores the rich tapestry of music across various genres through insightful interviews with Greek artists. Our studio has even hosted bands performing live and unplugged. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for more.

I am a proud member of the Greek Directors’ Guild and have lent my skills to a range of creative projects, including short-length movies, music videos, documentaries, and promotional videos. For a glimpse into my filmography and accomplishments, feel free to explore my profile on IMDB (Internet Movie Database).

My heart is deeply intertwined with photography and cinematography, both of which have been a consistent thread in my creative journey. You can witness more of my visual storytelling at www.m-word.gr. Join me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for an interactive glimpse into my world.

You can connect with me on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.