Best long range outdoor HDTV antennas

Best Long Range TV Antenna – How To Select The Best Solution For You

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When looking for an antenna, we recommend choosing one that covers a lot of channels with as little signal loss as possible. We test antennas, and make sure they’re able to pick up all of the channels we would expect them to pick up, but we also test them more rigorously simulating signal strength and signal loss to see how the antenna performs.

We also evaluate how easy it is to set up, such as how simple it is to mount the antenna and adjust the angle, how well it does in poor weather conditions, and how easy it is to connect the TV.

Here are our picks for the best TV antennas, based on our latest testing:

Five Star Outdoor Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna – up to 200 Mile Long Range, Directional 360 Degree Rotation

Five Star Outdoor Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna - up to 200 Mile Long Range, Directional 360 Degree Rotation

This antenna is pretty good. It’s easy to set up, and within minutes we had it mounted outside our window and connected to our TV.  The antenna itself is compact and lightweight, and it’s pretty durable; we accidentally knocked it hard and it didn’t break or show any signs of damage. The unit comes with everything you need to install it, including coaxial cable, a mounting pole, and wall brackets.

This is the best outdoor TV antenna on the market right now, with more over-the-air HD channels, a larger receiving range, and better performance than our prior pick. It is also among the least expensive, with comparable range and image quality.

The Five Star Antenna was one of our favorite picks for over-the-air reception. Like other antennas, this one was easy to set up and uses digital HDTV signals that belong to television stations anywhere in the country.

The Five Star’s antenna rotates 360, making it useful for both vertical and horizontal positioning, and it also has an auto gain control function that automatically adjusts the signal for local stations.


  • High performance; supports 5 TVs
  • Great range; up to 200 miles


McDuory Outdoor 150 Miles Digital TV Antenna 360 Degree Rotation Amplified HDTV Antenna

McDuory Outdoor 150 Miles Digital TV Antenna 360 Degree Rotation Amplified HDTV Antenna

This is a really great antenna, especially for the money. It’s super easy to setup, even if you’re inexperienced. Simply fasten the pole, attach the antenna, and run the cable to your TV.  Compatible with HDTV (720p/1080i/1080p), and VHF/UHF signals. 

The McDuory Digital TV Antenna is one of the more exciting innovations we’ve seen in outdoor TV antennas. It delivers all the TV broadcasts in your area, including HD, while taking up minimal space, and it supports both VHF and UHF channels. The built-in remote control is one of the more useful and versatile we’ve seen.

The antenna easily covers our 60-mile test area, which makes it a good choice for anyone living in a large, rural or suburban area. We found it easy to install, and it comes with everything you need to get up and running. Unfortunately, it only supports two TVs at a time.

The McDuory TV Antenna comes well-packaged and with a mounting pole, coax cable, and IR remote control. The antenna is small and lightweight, so it fits easily on a window or wall, though you’d definitely want to attach it to a stud for support.

The included instructions, however, are minimal, and you’ll need to do some research before installing it and read the fine print to confirm what frequencies it can receive, since some sites recommend specific models or bands.

We found the antenna to work well, and we had no signal dropouts. 


  • Great value, especially since you get the antenna and pole together 
  • Has a 40 ft cable so you can place the antenna farther away 
  • Has an IR remote


  • Supports two TVs

PBD Outdoor Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna, 150 Mile Motorized 360 Degree Rotation

PBD Outdoor Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna, 150 Mile Motorized 360 Degree Rotation

It perform well in all our testing, receiving and transmitting in a good range of locations and environments, as well as maintaining good picture quality. This antenna comes with a 59ft coaxial cable, a 360 degree motor rotor, and both RG6 and SMA connectors. It’s easy to set up and use, and the built-in amplifier greatly improves reception.

The PBD Outdoor HDTV Antenna is one of the better-looking and easiest-to-use outdoor antennas on the market. It has its quirks, but in general’s performance, it delivers what it promises, and it’s at least a good all-around performer.

It’s easy to set up (the included antenna rotator spins the mast to create a circular field and align the antenna) and comes with a pretuned 59-foot coaxial cable. The included remote control works fine, and PBD makes good effort to support the antenna with great customer service.

The PBD HD Outdoor antenna is an incredible bargain, and its dual TV outputs allow for simultaneous watching on two TVs (no need for a splitter). The motorized 360-degree rotor also ensures perfect picture quality regardless of where the antenna is placed. The antenna can also be mounted on ceilings and walls, giving you the full 150 miles of coverage.


  • All aluminum construction
  • Excellent reception
  • 360 degree rotation


  • Higher price than other antennas

GE Outdoor HD Digital TV Antenna, Long Range Smart TV Antenna

The GE Digital TV Antenna is a very convenient choice if you want to improve your television viewing experience. Its design provides clear reception of HDTV, VHF and UHF channels.

The antenna is easy to install and can be mounted outdoors or in the attic, staying out of sight while still maintaining strong signal strength. It comes with a handy J-mount, but mounting material is not included, so you’ll need to purchase that separately.

The antenna has 4K Ultra HD support, which is ideal for HDTVs, and it has superior reception in fringe areas. 


  • Very long range
  • Good signal quality


  • Difficult installation process

Gesobyte Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna Long 250 Miles Range 

This is a great antenna at a great price. It delivered the channels that we needed, and the picture and sound were clear. We had a few minor issues with an all-white screen when powering on the amplifier, but a quick reboot took care of that.

The Gsobyte HD Digital TV Antenna is more than meets the eye. It’s cheap but offers a lot of bang for the buck. It works as advertised, picking up broadcast TV signals, including HD channels. Setup takes only a few minutes. 


  • Long range
  • Good price


1byone Outdoor TV Antenna 360° Omni-Directional Reception Long 100+ Miles Range 

The 1byone Outdoor Antenna is an amplified HDTV antenna for outdoor use, ideal for home, RV, apartment, attic or boat. The 1byone TV Antenna features 360 degree reception and amplified digital smart pass technology, getting UHF/VHF signals from all directions and providing clear 4K pictures.

This HDTV Antenna works with all digital TVs, no need to worry about local weather as it is made of moisture-proof and flame retardant materials. Say goodbye to endless adjustments! 

Its 360 degree reception pattern means it picks up signals from multiple directions and eliminates many of the signal issues that plague other antennas we tested. The weatherproof design means it’s easily installed on a variety of surfaces without worrying about weather damage.

The adjustable mounting head makes it easy to select the direction and angle of the signal that works best for your situation. If you want an antenna that works great for multiple TVs in your home, this is the one to buy.


  • Long-range reception; nearly 100 miles
  • Easy installation


Channel Master EXTREMEtenna Long Range Multi-Directional Outdoor TV Antenna – 80 Mile Range – Preassembled – Install on Rooftop or Attic | CM-4228HD

Channel Master EXTREMEtenna Long Range Multi-Directional Outdoor TV Antenna - 80 Mile Range - Preassembled - Install on Rooftop or Attic | CM-4228HD

The Channel Master EXTREME 4228HD is an outdoor TV antenna that promises 80+ mile reception range and 180-degree reception coverage. The EXTREME 4228HD is pricey, but it delivers excellent performance, making it an excellent outdoor TV antenna that’s worthy of our Editors’ Choice award.

The Channel Master TV antenna is designed to receive free, over-the-air (OTA) digital and HD television broadcasts. The antenna reaches up to 80 miles in any direction from your TV’s antenna input, so it doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you have a clear line of sight.

You can mount the antenna on the roof or wall, or set it on the ground, depending on your available space. The Channel Master antenna is a preassembled, plug-and-play system, so you don’t have to do any assembly. It’s also a bit larger than some antennas we tested, so it takes a bit more room on a roof or wall. The antenna also comes with a full installation guide, so you can mount the antenna yourself and save yourself some money.

The antenna was easy to set up and install, and once we were using it, we had access to hundreds of free, over-the-air channels, including big networks. 

Like most outdoor TV antennas, the TV signal comes and goes, but we found that it remained consistently strong during our tests, so that was a welcome relief. The EXTREMEtenna also passed our signal quality tests, which was a relief since some antennas are known to struggle with interference from nearby cell towers or other nearby wiring.

Overall, you get a solid performer that will deliver reliable over-the-air HDTV video at a good price.


  • Long-range reception
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Designed for outdoor use


Channel Master Advantage 100 Directional Outdoor TV Antenna – Long Range – CM-3020

Channel Master Advantage 100 Directional Outdoor TV Antenna - Long Range - CM-3020

The CM-3020 offers superior reception of all local channels farther and clearer than comparable indoor/outdoor antennas for a fraction of the price of comparable models. Its reception range is longer than 98% of comparable antennas, and it received more available channels than the antennas in our comparison group. 

The CM-3020 has a 100-mile range, and does require a bigger installation height, so if you want to use it outside your home, you have to figure out a way to put up your antenna on a post. The antenna comes with the necessary U-bolts to mount the antenna, a coaxial cable, a pole mount, and installation instructions.

The Channel Master Advantage performs extremely well in testing, outperforming most of the competition. The antenna has the ability to pick up UHF, VHF, FM and HD signals in weak signal locations. It is definitely worth considering if you are in an area where reception is poor or non-existent.


  • Build quality


  • Price

Five Star Multi-Directional 4V HDTV Amplified Antenna – up to 200 Mile Range, 4K Ready w/ 40ft RG6 coaxial Cable, Mounting Pole

Five Star Multi-Directional 4V HDTV Amplified Antenna - up to 200 Mile Range, 4K Ready w/ 40ft RG6 coaxial Cable, Mounting Pole

With the multi-directional design, the Five Star antenna is able to pick up signal from multiple directions. It is easy to install and mount. The antenna has sturdy construction with weather-proof and UV resistant material.

The Five Star 4V HDTV Antenna has a unique and innovative design that improves signal reception in four different directions. It’s made of thick, black plastic that resists the sun and weather, and the antenna’s post has an adjustable clamp that can be screwed to the roof, mast, or chimney, so that no matter where you mount it, you’ll get great reception.

The 4V antenna is compact, lightweight, and easy to install. If you’re mounting the antenna outside, you can mount it without the pole, provided you mount it high enough, and it includes an L-bracket to make it easy to attach it to something sturdy.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to watch local channels, this antenna is worth considering.

The Five Star Antenna received mediocre reviews on Amazon, but I had no trouble using it to receive free, high-definition signals from broadcast stations. The antenna itself is made of metal and plastic, and it’s comforting to know that the weatherproof exterior will keep it safe from the elements.


  • Impressive range


  • Some customers reported inability to receive HD channels

What to consider when looking for the best long range outdoor HDTV antennas?

The initial cost of these models may seem like a lot of money, but it will pay for itself in no time if you have a good one. How much depends on your budget, of course, but it’s important to remember that long-range outdoor HDTV aerials require a lot less maintenance than indoor alternatives. There are two things you need to know when buying an outdoor HDTV antenna for your home.

The first is that, as with any product, cheaper or expensive, will get the job done. The second is that, for long-range broadcasts, you need to be able to get a clear line of sight to the transmission towers, which means you will need to mount yours on the roof or get an amplifier if your receive is shielded from the towers by terrain or other buildings.

First, you’ll need to decide which and where the outdoor antenna will go. You may want to buy a signal amplifier if the area you live in is surrounded by hills or is otherwise obstructed. You will also want to see if a piece of aluminum foil or sheet metal will help you get a better signal.

The higher the elevation, the longer the range. The type of antenna used, or how efficient it is at receiving signals, is a major factor in its performance. This means that if you are trying to pick up broadcast signals from a tall building, tower, or hill, it will not happen with a small indoor alternative.

One of the decisions they face is whether to use a directional or multi-directional antenna. Both types can be used to receive different digital TV from any broadcasting station in your area, but they work a little differently. Omnidirectional options have the ability to receive signals from all directions, thereby eliminating the need for you to rotate your antenna for optimal reception.

This makes them ideal for people who live in areas with a lot of tall buildings. Directional models can be thought of as a more advanced solution to receiving free broadcast TV over the air.

While they can sometimes be more complicated to set up and may not necessarily work in urban areas, they excel in a rural location where free over-the-air TV reception is spotty. Several directional aerials can pull in your favorite channels from many miles away, even the more remote locations.

Are you looking for a long range outdoor HDTV antenna?

A non amplified antenna works fine for distances up to 25 miles away from a broadcast tower. However, if your primary goal is to receive a range of channels broadcasted from a further away tower (such as 50 miles), then using a non-amplified model will be of little use. In fact, the signal you receive will be very weak. They have the ability to receive weak television signals from station transmitters so you get a strong and reliable signal to your television.

It’s pretty easy to install them with a coaxial cable, even if you’ve never done it before. These models usually with everything you need to set it up. Some even include all the mounting hardware you need, making the installation process as easy as screwing a couple of screws into the wall or screwing down the antenna onto your roof.

When researching for an antenna, you have to know first where the broadcasting sources are located and your distance from them, as this will determine which antenna will improve your reception of the signal. Most models are suitable for up to 120 miles, but there are models in our list that can receive signals from up to 200 miles far greater than a regular antenna.

Ensure that the antenna you are purchasing is intended for UHF and VHF frequency ranges, depending on the channels you are after and FM for radio station signals. Most models will deliver the signal to one or two devices, but if you plan on connecting more TV in hour household, you will need a way to boost the signal you get.

If you are shopping for an antenna to be placed outdoors, it is vital to pick one designed for such use. Outdoors models need to handle any type of weather, so you are looking for heavy-duty and sealed elements. Remember that some models come with a built-in amplifier, while others need to be connected to an external one.

Pick an antenna from a reputable manufacturer that comes with a long-lasting warranty. Most of the products are quite straightforward to install and won’t require tools for installation. More advanced models come with 360-degree motors that can help you rotate them with a remote to find the perfect spot.

If you plan on receiving HD content, make sure that the antenna you’ve chosen can handle HD packages. Most models will be suitable for Full HD 1080 resolution, while newer models come with UHD 4K features.

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